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What do you know about active income ideas, passive income ideas, and multiple streams of income? No matter your age and status in society today, Income remains A Must talk about a topic. In today world, we are witnessing a broad shift from what we used to know about income.

Is your income matching your need, do you worry about how to boost your income and break out from the shackles of debt and lack? Then, this is for you.
Some of you might be satisfied with your present income statement, your revenue can be what you really want it to be, but remember there is always the next level to everything. What do I mean? Even the richest man Jeff Bezos is still for more money.
We will take our time to mentor you on various income sources that will help you create wealth and leave a good life. That does not mean you are quitting your presenting job.

What it does mean is that you can now create multiple streams of income for yourself why you still maintain your regular job.

We will make out time to give you comprehensive ways to diversify, list out all the passive income opportunities list out there, guide you through the perfect way to right income investment, explain in detail Active income sources that and more. We will still take a little look in Portfolio Income.

Types OF Income

There are basically three types of income. Time has changed so is how we make money. In today’s world, we now have Active Income, Passive Income, and Portfolio Income.

What is Active Income all About

Traditionally, this used to be the order of the day. In active income, you will have to put in your strength, creativity, time and your physical present in most of the times. And in return, you earn things like wages, tips, salaries, commission or material reward.

What is Passive Income

I love this one so much. I make most of my money via Passive income. In passive income, passivity is the order of the day. It grants you access to labor less and gains more. You don’t need to do the physical thing most of the time. The internet made it much easier than ever.
• Before now, passive income used to be only;
• Estate/property returns
• Royalty from patent right
• Royalty from License Agreements
• Profits or interest income for Bank Deposits
• Income and royalty from Book or movies
• Network Marketing.
Another tool that gave a great gateway to passive incomers is the use of the internet. With the internet, you can make lots of money passively using;
• Online Surveys
• Inbox Dollars
• Swag Bucks
• Rent out a room with Airing
• Sign up for a rewards credit card with a sweet signup bonus
• Sell your used cell phones, iPad or Mac online
• Resell unused gift cards online
• Become a referral source for a salesperson or company
• Affiliate marketing
• Owning a Blog site and monetizing it.
• Produce a digital product and market online
• Online tutorials
• Mobile App building
• Refereeing online
• Connecting People online
• Building a Brand Online
• Ecommerce Shop
• Network Marketing Online.
• Creating Online Apps And Software
Passive income could take a heck of a time to start up, but it is the best and less time consuming when started.