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Twitter Retargeting | How to Create Twitter Ads Remarketing Campaigns

Twitter Retargeting

Twitter Retargeting which in other words called remarketing is a way to get your ads in front of the audience and visitors that have accessed your website or page. However there is likely going to be huge progress remarketing your Twitter ads to people that have already shown interest in your brand, they may seem …

Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling Download

Facebook Video Calling

Distance has been bridged by Facebook video calling. Facebook video calling gives you the feeling you could not get because of distance, now you can talk to your friends and family with audio-visual components. Have a face to face interaction with your people, not minding where they are or the mobile connection they have. Just …

Social Customer Care | Why Marketers Should Care

Social Customer Care

Customer care can be used to win loyal customers into brand or product advocates without the use of promo or discount to incent them to share or advocate for your brand. When social customer care is employed into your marketing, your focal point will be on how to satisfy a first time customer so as …