Facebook Targeting | 2 Ways to Create An Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook Targeting – Facebook for Business provides users with enormous targeting options that can help improve your advertising and make sure your facebook ads goes to the right audience.

Our focus in this post isn’t to take you through different facebook targeting options which include age, gender, location, job title, education level, relationship status, page likes, site visitors, which are grouped into demographics, interest, behaviors, and engagement.

Facebook Targeting

We assume you are already familiar with many of the Facebook targeting options since its not your first facebook ads creation or set up.

Rather our objective is to show you how you can accomplish your facebook ad objective or goal and even do more by creating an effective Facebook ads campaign by following the right facebook targeting best practices.

Let’s quickly get to the subject matter. To create effective Facebook ads there are two things you must take into consideration to actually narrow your ad to your desired target audience; First, Target New audience by excluding People Who Already Like Your Page secondly, Enhance Ad Targeting By Excluding Converted Audiences.

#1: Target New Audience By Excluding People Who Already Like Your Page

You are allowed to exclude people who already liked your page in the connections section when you create a Facebook Like Campaign using the Facebook Power Editor.

Before we drill down to how to exclude people who already liked your page in other to get new people like your page and use them for effective Facebook ads targeting, let us show light a bit to what Facebook Like Campaign is all about.

As the name implies “Facebook Like Campaign” is primarily used to gain more Facebook Page Likes but fully sponsored.

Marketers launch facebook like campaigns to increase the number of pages likes in other to build trust and stir up more brand Interest. Visit our post on Facebook Like Campaign to learn more.

Here are steps to take to exclude people who already like your page;

Step 1: Login to your Facebook power editor and tap create Ad located by the right side of the page at the top corner.

Step 2: When a normal campaign setup appears, scroll down to connections and tap “Add a connection type” a drop-down menu rolls down, hover over the Facebook pages button and select the last option, Exclude people who like your page.

Since your main objective is to get new audiences who are interested in your business or brand and use them to create effective Facebook ads targeting, it still a good idea to exclude people who already like your page to avoid accumulations of unuseful impressions.

#2: Enhance Ad Targeting By Excluding Converted Audiences

Exclude people who already converted from your ads to put stop to unuseful clicks and engagement. Since your main objective is to refine your targeting options.

But to be able to exclude people who already converted from your ads you need to install remarketing pixel.

If you’ve done that, go to your campaign settings and edit the targeting & placement section. Follow the below steps;

Step 1: Go to Edit Targeting & Placement Section from your campaign settings, an edit your ad set window pop’s up.

Step 2: In the targeting tab, tap in the custom audiences field.

Step 3: Immediately you tap in the Targeting tab in custom audiences the “Include” appears, tap on the arrow down sign, a drop-down menu shows up, select “Exclude“.

Automatic audiences to choose from will be provided by Facebook.

Step 4: When you are done excluding custom audiences, double-check your settings.

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