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Make your Facebook layout look beautiful with unique themes. Facebook theme gives a cool outlook to your page. Enjoy the default blue theme displayed on your screen whenever you log into your Facebook page. It is set at default by Facebook, and does not grant its users the access to change this theme. This implies, that Facebook users have to make do with this default theme by Facebook.

Facebook theme

How to Setup Facebook Theme

  • Click open Mozilla Firefox, and get ‘Stylish” addon installed
  • Go through with the basic installation steps to successfully install the addon
  • Restart Firefox, immediately you’ve successfully installed the stylish addon
  • Sign into to your Facebook account, and click on the small ‘S’ tab in the Firefox status bar
  • Click on “Find Styles for this Site” to open a new tab, which has Free themes for Facebook
  • Click on any theme that you like, to have a preview displayed
  • Once everything is OK, in the previewed theme, click on “Install with Stylish” tab, at the top right corner of the page
  • A dialog box will be displayed
  • Click on Install in the dialog box

Changing Facebook Theme with Google Chrome

  • Scroll to the Chrome Web Store, and Install Stylish for Chrome
  • Then, scroll to Facebook.com, and tap on the “S” button
  • Click on “Find Styles for this Site”, to open a new tab with free themes
  • Tap on any theme, that you like, to have a preview displayed
  • Once everything is OK, in the preview theme, click on the “Install with Stylish” tab, at the top right corner of the page.
  • You’ve just successfully changed your theme. You can always go back to the blue theme, whenever you feel the need to.
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Facebook Themes and Skins

  • Portugal Facebook
  • Justin Bieber for Facebook
  • Clear dark Facebook
  • Dusky Gray Facebook
  • Simply Black Facebook
  • Dark Blue Galaxy Facebook
  • Anonymous Black Facebook
  • Unicorn for Facebook
  • Leo Messi theme for Facebook
  • Game of thrones for Facebook
  • Barcelona football team for Facebook
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Nike superman Facebook 2K17 modern design (no-ads) modern chat
  • Facebook Monster Energy
  • Blacked out FB improved etc.
  • Facebook designs its theme on default, but be it as it may, users can change this default setting to suit their preferences.
  • Requirements: The basic requirement needed for this to work, is to have Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser.

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