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Messenger Chatbot | A Helpful Marketers Guide to Build Chatbot

Messenger Chatbot | A Helpful Marketers Guide

As an online salesperson or provider of goods and services, you can use messenger chatbots to increase and improve the qualities of your brand’s customer service. If you make use of a Facebook marketing campaign to promote your brand, then installing Messenger chatbots to your page would efficiently make attending to prospects and clients queries on time.

Messenger Chatbot

What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program designed to simulate automated conversations with humans over the internet either through text or auditory means.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you ways to build and set up a Messenger Chatbot for your business.

Messenger Chatbot: How to get started

If you already have a business page on Facebook, then simply click on the messenger button and when it pops up, click on the get started button

You can create a chatbot with tools such as Botsify, Chatfuel which allows you to create bots without any prior knowledge of programming. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to create chatbots using Chatfuel. Before proceeding to create a bot, we’ll walk you through some definition of terms used in creating chatbots.

Messenger Chatbot: Definition of terms

  1. Block: This contains one or more messages; also known as cards and multiple cards can be sent at the same time within a block
  2. Text card: this comprises slots for texts, quick reply, and buttons.
  3. Image card: comprises of image and quick reply.
  4. Gallery card: It comprises of different images in a loop each having a heading, URL and quick reply.
  5. Quick reply: this card acts as an alert or notification to provide further information and instructions to users on the page.

Building chatbots using chatfuel

  1. You need to register on Chatfuel and create an account with them, after which you log in your Facebook account and click on the + sign to begin creating a new chatbot.
  2. Choose a template and select “Create a blank Chatbot” input a name for the chatbot in the textbox and click on the “Create a Chatbot” button.
  3. A page would appear showing MY FIRST CHATBOT and underneath it is a button, connect to Facebook. Click on this button to proceed to the next step
  4. By now, your Facebook account is already linked with Chatfuel account and it displays a list of pages you own, selects the page where you want the Chatbot to be built in or simply click on create a Facebook page if you don’t have any business page.
  5. Click on the build in the menu bar to start building your bot. A default message would be displayed to you on a text card which is what your user would see when they first enter your messenger. You can edit it to the text of your choice or even add some cards to it such as a gallery card.
  6. Proceed to edit your card and add features to it such as URL buttons where users can click to redirect them to a website, phone number, WhatsApp, etc.
  7. You can now edit your default answer to the answer of your choice when the user asks a question. The default answer block is displayed in the main menu and you can add more than one button in this card and likewise include blocks in the button to give the user more detailed information.
  8. You can create bots by clicking on the add block button, a page appears showing you different cards to use in creating blocks
  9. Once done creating everything, click on Test This Chatbot, then click View on to run your test.
  10. If satisfied with the result of your Chatbot test, you can then change the CTA button ion your Facebook Business Page to send the message.

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