Facebook Password Recovery | How to Recover Your Facebook Password

Facebook password recovery

Your Facebook password is the key to accessing your Facebook page. And your Facebook password needs to be secured to prevent your account from being compromised. But when your account is compromised or you forgot your Facebook password, there is always a recovery step to be taken for your Facebook password recovery. It is quite …

Facebook Cover Image | How to Add Facebook Cover Image

Facebook Cover Image

Your Facebook cover image makes your account distinct. It has become an important component of Facebook and users express themselves with images. The Facebook cover image can be of multiple images. To add your Facebook cover image follow the steps below;

Twitter Account | How to Create Twitter Account

Twitter Account

Spread your communication across the world with a twitter account. Let your friends and followers know what you feel, retooled with about 140 character messages to communicate. Your tweets are archived for you too. Join the conversation now by creating a twitter account now. 

Twitter Website Tag | How to Create and Install Tag on your Website

Twitter Website Tag

Twitter Website Tag – the first thing to do when setting up a Twitter Ads remarketing campaign is to create and Install Twitter Tag on your website. Website Tag is a line of HTML unique ID you need to add into your website or web page code. It calculates actions of site visitors, such as purchases, …

Change Facebook Password | How to Change Facebook Password

Change Facebook Password

Your Facebook password is the key to accessing your Facebook account. You open the gate to your Facebook with your password. But changing your Facebook password allows occur, either due to your account being compromised or to make your password stronger. It is advisable to change Facebook password often to safeguard your account and save …

Twitter Retargeting | How to Create Twitter Ads Remarketing Campaigns

Twitter Retargeting

Twitter Retargeting which in other words called remarketing is a way to get your ads in front of the audience and visitors that have accessed your website or page. However there is likely going to be huge progress remarketing your Twitter ads to people that have already shown interest in your brand, they may seem …