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Time Tracking Software | 5 Best Time Management Tools

Good time-tracking software pays for itself. Being able to precisely track the time spent on various projects lets you bill your clients accurately and manage your time more efficiently.

The time tracking software programs listed here are also easy to learn and use and include reporting and billing features, features most freeware time tracking software programs don’t have. You can also do more research on each one.

Time-tracking software

1. Tsheets

TSheets is a cloud-based, comprehensive time tracking and management system. As well as browser access, there are apps for mobile devices, and you can also clock in via text message or dial-up. TSheets has an excellent employee tracking system that uses GPS to track and record the locations of employees with mobile devices, which is very handy for contractors who work on remote sites.

Sheets integrates directly with QuickBooks accounting software; after initial setup, QuickBooks and TSheets can synchronize payroll and accounting information in real-time.

2. Workly: a time and attendance solution for your business

Workly is a cloud-based time and attendance solution for small and medium enterprises. The system allows employees to request time off, receive schedule updates, and track earnings. Unlike traditional software, Workly does not require any installations and is easy to manage. It will take a company 10 minutes to set up an account and start managing employee time, the most valuable resource a company has.

3. BillQuick

BillQuick is a comprehensive time/billing and project management solution suitable for professionals in a variety of industries, including construction, accounting, engineering, information technology, etc. In addition to time tracking and project management, BillQuick includes invoicing, accounts receivable, and (in the enterprise version) accounts payable. Which includes deposits, vendor bill payments, etc.

Deployment is very flexible and scalable; data can be entered via desktop apps, browsers, or mobile apps on iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry devices. A full cloud-based version (BillQuick Online) is also available. BillQuick data can easily be exported to accounting applications such as QuickBooks, and it has over 400 customizable templates for reporting and over 150 invoicing templates.

4. Avaza Timesheet Software

Avaza time tracking software makes it easy for your team to track time and provides you with useful reports without any additional work on your end. Though each Avaza paid plan has a certain number of users with timesheet access,

The cost per user ranges from $2 to $5 USD, depending on the number of users you need. However, Avaza time tracking software has some amazing features you will not find in other time tracking software. Features like one-click time tracking, multiple ways to track time, and adding start and end times to the timesheet And choose tasks on timesheets or add notes, copy over last week’s timesheet, flexible hourly billing and cost rates, and lots more.

5. Hubstaff time management software

Hubstaff’s time tracking features allow you to monitor the performance of each team member by their activity levels and productivity. It also enables you to monitor which applications and websites your employees use and visit each day. Helping you to eliminate employee distractions and understand exactly what your team is working on. How much time they are spending on every task.

You can create new projects and manage tasks without any external task management system there as well. It will be an internal project, but your team will be able to track their time on tasks, and you can use reports to analyze it.

Features of Hubstaff are: a client for all the popular operating systems—Windows, Linux, and Mac; integration capabilities with the most popular task tracking systems; the ability to display employee activity and hourly screenshots; support for projects, sprints, and tasks; and a lot more.