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About Us

Hey there,

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

I wasn’t born with wings, but I hope this website flies!

I’ve created Jiganet because I have a passion for quality information, and I want to help and share everything I’ve learned across my 13 years of experience caring for a media house.

I’m from Nigeria, but I’ve traveled around the world gathering information. From the tech world to AI, app launches, tech conferences, and startups

I hope you find my blog interesting, and if you’re ever looking for help or have any questions, please contact

Christian Ehiedu

Founder of

Contact me via social media:Christian Ehiedu

Christian Ehiedu

I’m a tech enthusiast and creator of Jiganet, a blog sharing my experience and giving the latest and most correct tech news. I’ve traveled the world scouting for information, and I’m committed to helping other tech startups. Contact me at for assistance.