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Facebook App for Android | Facebook App Download for Android Users

Facebook App for Android

Using an Android phone brings about comfort and portability. There over a million Android Apps available for Android users. One of which is “Facebook App for Android”. Accessing Facebook on your browser is good, however, if you want easy access, user-friendly usage and speed and using Facebook you should try installing Facebook App for Android. …

Facebook Algorithm: What Facebook Users and Marketers Should Know

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm updates are nothing new. Marketers must constantly pivot to stay up to date with changes to keep their social media game strong. In the past, Facebook’s algorithm updates have made it harder to reach your audience (without paying for engagement). Instead of making the experience easier for pages and businesses, they’ve focused on making the experience …

Facebook Group Insight | What Marketers Should Know

Facebook Group Insight

Facebook Group Insight – Facebook group have been reported to be in use more and more with over a billion users using Facebook groups according to a report released by Facebook. If you have a Facebook group you are handling, then you need to take advantage of the new admin features and tools made by …