Facebook Notification | How to Turn Facebook Notification On and Off

You can only keep tab with the happenings on your Facebook with Facebook notification. Get alert of the many activities online with a notification from Facebook. So, to keep you updated on these activities, you need to know how to turn notification on and off.

Facebook Notification

How to Turn Facebook Notification On and Off

If you want to concentrate on what is most important to you, you can turn off  notification, to help you better concentrate on what is most important and turn it on again when you feel the need to.

  • Start, with tapping on the “V” shaped icon, at the top-right. Then choose “Settings”
  • Next, tap on “Notifications” button in the left column
  • Thereafter, tap on the “Close Friend Activity”, button and tap “On Facebook”
  • Finally tap “close”, to “Close Friends Activity”, and thereafter, choose “On or Off”
  • Facebook notification helps you stay current on what’s trending with your Facebook audience, and ensures you don’t miss a thing.

Benefits of Facebook Notification

  • Gives you events at real time
  • With its ringing tone, you get an alert anytime a new message comes in
  • Stay updated with what’s happening in your circle of friends.
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Types of Facebook Notification

  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Red Alert Notification: These notifications pops up above with different symbols representing the events and things you are being notified of. Immediately a new notification comes in, a red bubble pops up, with the number of new notifications you’ve received. This notifications, are displayed in form of a human head icon, bell icon, and globe icon, these represents friends request, birthdays etc. Simply, tap on this icon, anytime, to view your notifications.
  • Email Notification: Email notification is a notification received via email
  • Push Notification: Users get this notification, as they actively engage on Facebook, and helps them re-engage with their friends.
  • Desktop Only
  • Pop-Up Notifications: Pop-Up notification, as the name implies pops up on your screen, when you are logged in to Facebook, and a friend interacts with you. To view the story, tap on the notification, and click “X” to have the notification closed.
  • Mobile Only
  • Text Notifications: These notifications, are receive thru mobile text messaging.

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