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How to Ping a Cell Phone

Do you know what it means to ping a cell phone? If no, you are in the right place. To ping a cell phone traditionally means that you locate and identify the cell tower of the last signal the phone a cell phone

 follow the steps below:

Step 1

Do you know that Google’s location history is a perfect way of finding a phone? The most ideal and modern way to locate a lost phone is through the software that comes with most smartphones. It can be either Find My Phone on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Location History.

Step 2

A lot of apps track the location of smartphones. You can try to Find My Friends for iOS or Where Are You on any smartphone.

Step 3

Furthermore, you can tell your cell phone provider to ping to a cell tower and triangulate the phone’s location. However, this is usually more available to government and law enforcement. A lot of ordinary citizens do not have access to this.

How to Ping A Cell Phone Tower

Also, you can ping a cell tower to locate where your mobile phone is. To find the origin of the last cell tower that provided your or your child’s cell phone with a signal, ping the phone. You can do this with your wireless carrier. Note that it is illegal to ping a cell phone that is not registered to you or that is not yours.

How to 

Step 1

Firstly, Start by calling your wireless carrier’s customer service department. Speak with a representative and follow the prompts. Please when you call, you may wait for a few minutes.

Step 2

Secondly, Tell the representative your intention to ping your cell phone or a cell phone registered to your account.

Step 3

Also, Proceed to verify your wireless account. You will do this when prompted to do so and give the representative the phone number you intend to ping.

Step 4

After Completing these, wait for the representative to ping your cell phone. They may instruct you to enroll in a cell phone pinging service provided by your wireless carrier. This will help you to ping your own phone without any assistance. The service is easy.

Step 5

Lastly, Once you get the pinged location, pen it down. This will help you not to forget it.

I hope you got value. Keep your questions in the comment section.

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