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Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Overview & ERP Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics GP Software | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

With a price tag of $115, Microsoft Dynamics GP is certainly not cheap. But it does not disappoint either, as far as accounting-related performance goes. Microsoft is usually associated with office applications and tools but its venture to accounting and finance management traces back to more than two decades ago.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft has developed accounting applications, including the Microsoft Profit and Microsoft Office Accounting, as well as the personal finance program (Microsoft Money) and personal tax preparation software (TaxSaver). All were discontinued and in its place is Microsoft Dynamics GP. The system is actually a rebranded product called Great Plain, which Microsoft bought years ago.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP? Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a highly sophisticated accounting solution that is equipped with multiple dashboards, configurable screens that offer instant access to critical and time-sensitive information. The dashboard also features sections where you can access reminders, product information and learning resources, quick links, and reports.

The Business Analyzer feature offers options for content display, such as Cash Position KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Detail, Contract Revenue YTD, Inventory Turnover KPI and Top Backordered Items.

Key Benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • It produces role-specific insights to prevent reports from awaiting approval and tracks detailed additional information such as contacts, pictures, invoice copies, and more.
  • It keeps audit on budget modifications, which makes it easier to detect inconsistencies even in the largest teams. Transfer of information between payables and receivables is accelerated, and there are automated processes in place to control finance charges.
  • It generates General Magnetic Media files and maintains journal entries to ensure your payroll is in line with government standards and reporting requirements.
  • It monitors inventory stock levels and makes data accessible on all devices and locations regardless of the number of cycle counts and purchase orders.
  • It is scalable, and will, therefore, meet your IT infrastructure budget capability. You get to modify both its appearance and functionality using Visual Basic Coding.

Why Microsoft Dynamics GP?

It works in line with the rest of your Microsoft productivity suite.

With very thorough attention to detail, MS Dynamics GP is considered by experts as a top accounting solution for mid-range and large companies with demands that go beyond accounting. However, the platform is very complicated in that users are often required to exert more time and effort on training and support to become fully capable and adept with the system.

MS Dynamics GP SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Summary Reviews

Our B2B experts reviewed MS Dynamics GP Accounting software features, user experience, customer support, and other key elements of the service. The final results as summarized by the SmartScore system gave MS Dynamics GP a score of 8.1/10 while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 100%.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers three pricing plans; customer engagement plan billed at $115 per user per month, unified operation plan billed at $190 per user per month and Dynamics 365 plan billed at $210 per user per month.

Microsoft Dynamics GP sign in

Signing in to your Microsoft Dynamics GP account is easy. Visit the sign-in page with your Microsoft account details and access your account.

Microsoft Dynamics GP sign up

Register and start enjoying Microsoft dynamics today. Head straight to the official webpage and sign up.

Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics NAV

Both GP and NAV are full-featured, industry-leading business management solutions. Both have been proven in tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, providing financial management and operations capabilities that save time and support business growth.

Though its suitability for international growth was limited by its language capabilities, Dynamics GP was always developed as a fully functional product for English-speaking markets, ready to be used by businesses straight out of the box.

Dynamics NAV, on the other hand, was built primarily as a foundational platform on which ISVs could develop their own product. Businesses opting to use Dynamics NAV can expect around 65% of the functionality they need to be available in an off-the-shelf iteration of NAV; they then have the space to be able to add in what else they need based on their own business-specific requirements.

Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX (now known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations) is Microsoft’s enterprise ERP solution. It is most popular amongst mid-sized to enterprise companies, especially within the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and retail industries. It offers extensive support for companies with complex needs such as multi-country, multi-language, multi-site, and multi-currency.

As such, AX is generally favored by much larger businesses.

Built for Fortune 1000 companies, Dynamics AX/F&O tends to compete with solutions such as SAP and Oracle and appeals to appeal to multinational manufacturers with users in the hundreds, and operations spread across a number of global locations.

Dynamics AX/F&O boasts several high-level features that Dynamics GP does not, and the ability to manage a complex organizational structure, and the use of a variety of financial standards within the same solution.

It also features more industry-specific functionality; though GP can be extended, it’s more of a one-size-fits-all software when used off the shelf.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Best Alternatives

Microsoft is still supporting existing GP clients, but they’ve selected two of their other ERP’s – NAV and AX to become the new cloud versions Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. So GP is left out in the cold – and GP users are being urged to upgrade to one of the D365 cloud versions.

Only, unlike made for cloud software, it’s simply a cloud-hosted version of the originals – and AX, while great technology, was legendary for hugely long and expensive implementations – OK when you’re competing with SAP – but otherwise hard to justify. Recent partners are telling MicrosoftVAR’s to get their clients used to the idea that moving to the new cloud versions will be 125% of the original implementation. Hard to swallow for an ‘upgrade.’

One of the main advantages of made for cloud software is that instead of a 9–12 month normal GP implementation, they’re 90–120 days – and a fraction of the cost of $175 – $200 an hour consulting billable time.

So anyway, lots of GP folks are turning to make for cloud NetSuite, Acumatica and Intacct – it all depends on what industry and which partner has to experience in your vertical. There are other options for those who do not really value technology and are only looking for a low ball initial price – but for companies who are serious about the real value and lower cost of ownership moving forward, they’re really not considering anything but the made-for-cloud players.

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