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Legal Case Management Software | Top 9 Law Software & Tips for Choosing

Legal Case Management Software

There are a number of law practice management or legal case management software programs available that can make your law office documentation easier for you. I know you’ve come across a good number of recommendations, but you should know that what we are going to recommend is the best software law offices and legal practitioners are using.

Case Management Software


You can find the best legal time management, billing, case management, and accounting programs for your law firm in this post.

However, the choice of which software or tool to use depends on your specific requirements. But case management software numbers 2 and 5 are the most demanded. You will find out later when you take an overview of the features of both.

We also know from research that a good number of law firms are usually looking for a customizable solution; some may have a budget constraint, while others are looking for easy accessibility and accuracy.

Before we delve into the list of legal management software, let’s review tips and criteria for choosing the best law firm management software.

Tips for Choosing the Best Case Management Software


If a single piece of software provides a complete solution, then that should be preferred. If you get different software for a different module, then integration between that software would be a tough task.


One of the important factors to consider is the security the software provides. Processes like payroll are highly sensitive as the employee’s financial data is on the line. Many software just has transport layer encryption and claims to have bank-level security, but that is not true. Not only multi-level transport-layered encryption but also storage-layer encryption is essential.

User Experience

HR software should provide a top-class user experience. I personally believe any software should provide a good user experience, be easy to use, and leave a positive impression on the user.

Quality customer support

A system like payroll processors or law firm accounting systems has a bit of technicality involved with it. The software vendor should have a quality support team that could assist in troublesome situations. I believe that support is also one of the most important factors to look for when choosing your HR vendor. Even if the software is extraordinarily good, if they do not provide decent support, then it is a waste.

Demo and Trial Versions

The best way to evaluate software is to use it yourself. You can take a close look at different modules and decide which would be suitable for your organization. So if the vendor provides a free demo and a free trial, that would be the best option to review the software.

List of the Best Legal Case Management Software for Law Firms

Law firms and legal offices have invested so much in software as a means to improve their firm’s overall efficiency, provide better service to their clients, and reduce expenditure. To help you achieve these goals, we have compiled a list of the best legal management software.

#1: Legal Files: Legal Case and Matter Management Software

The legal file is case and matter management software. This software is used not even in law firms but in insurance companies, the government, and universities as well. It provides file notes, response tracking, document text searching, automated task scheduling, phone messaging, etc.

#2: TimeSolv: Legal Time Tracking, Billing, and Case Management Software

Timesolv is highly customizable, economical, and the best-supported law firm software. It is a cloud-based legal time tracking and billing solution that caters to the law, helping them better manage daily administrative tasks with the best tools. It provides offline access and remote usage.

TimeSolv offers a variety of billing options, such as batch invoicing and payments through LawPay, AffiniPay, or CPACharge, allowing users to pay their bills online and on time. Users can even upload receipt images. TimeSolv also creates robust reports so that the experts can track their hours over weeks or even months.

#3: PCLaw: Legal Accounting and Practice Management Software

PCLaw is a client, matter, billing, and legal program from LexisNexis practice management solutions. You can add payroll processing and credit card processing for additional fees.

#4: Rocket Matter: Legal Case Management and Billing Software

Rocket Matter is for small law offices. It has the ability to work on iPads and smartphones. It also works with Dropbox for file synchronization, Gmail for email, Skype for video conferencing, and QuickBooks for accounting.

#5: Cosmolex: Law Practice and Case Management Software

CosmoLex incorporates trust (IOLTA) accounting to help users manage client funds, print checks, deposit slips, and bank statements. It even integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and NetDocs.

Cosmolex costs $59 per month. It is a cloud-based legal management solution with features including time tracking, billing, trust accounting, task management, and document management.

It considers itself a modular solution that allows its users to sync and repeat information between numerous modules in real-time. Its legal time and billing tools allow batch invoicing, issuing past notices, and more. It can capture all billable activities and create customizable invoices against them, as well as overdue invoice notices.

#6: Needles: Legal Case and Practice Management Software

Needles is a case management software for attorneys and small law firms. It maintains a list of local vendors and other legal service vendors on its website if you need help installing and implementing it.

#7: Clio: Legal Case and Practice Management Software

Clio is cloud-based law firm software. In Clio, data is stored on the company’s servers. Clio is an easy-to-use cloud-based legal case management software that helps you refocus on important tasks (like a client) and spend less time on administrative tasks.

#8: Bill4Time: Legal Case Management and Time Billing Software

It is a time and billing software for any company that bills at hourly rates. It is an industry-specific legal edition for attorneys. Bill4Time costs $45 for the Legal Pro membership. It is a cloud-based system offering time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, and project management.

The Bill4Time system can record both billable and non-billable time and can separately track non-client time for contractors and consultants. Time entry can be done remotely, and the system can convert appointments into time entries for billing purposes. Additional features include batch billing, automated payments, a client portal, and billing rates.

#9: MyCase: Case Management Software for Attorneys and Law Firms

MyCase comes at a cost of $39 per month. It is a cloud-based legal management solution.

MyCase offers features such as time tracking, accounting, case management, contact management, and docketing. The app is accessible via computers and mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices. It allows users to manage and sync calendars so that they can better collaborate with their clients and colleagues. It even offers integration with QuickBooks.

Additional features include customized communication templates, matter management, contact management, expense tracking, and a client portal.

Over to you!

The choice of law firm management software depends on the size of the law firm. (small, mid-size, or large). As much as you go for any legal tool, because of its size, you should also check its customizability, ease of use, integration, platform flexibility, quality customer support, security, and accuracy.