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Login The General Auto Insurance Account

Are you a client of  General Auto Visit Insurance? If yes, do you know that you can now access your account online? This is an advanced way to manage your account. The good thing is that you can do this from any location with any device. Also, it’s simple to use and the service is fast.  Clients only have to enroll their policy number or email and password that they created at the time of online account creation.General Auto Insurance

Advantages that Registered Member enjoy

Easy access to the policy details and coverage.

  • Moreover, it helps you know your vehicle’s coverage.
  • Clients can make their policy payments from any location and with any device. They only need an internet connection.
  • Additionally, from your account, you can apply for and get a new id card and change policy information.
  • Also, you can renew your existing policy, get quotes, and view/print your policy contract. So many things you can do without stepping out of your house.
  • Moreover, there are many policy account management tools that they can enjoy. Let me teach you how to register and log in to access the services.

How to register and login to the General Auto Insurance portal

  • Go to with any browser of your choice.
  • On the main page, there are two empty fields on the top side. Enter your email or policy number and password. Now, choose the option “Remember my email/policy number” to automatically enter this detail the next time you want to log in. Lastly, click the green “Sign in” button.
  • Already, you have accessed your account services.
  • However, people new to The General can just click the “Create an account” button and set up their online account.
  • Now, to sign, take the steps above.

In case you need more details, call this customer care line; 888-333-2331.


Is the general good insurance?

The fact is that this is not the best option. It is suitable for only drivers who would have trouble obtaining insurance coverage through other companies.

What is the number of general car insurance?

Here’s the number: 1 (866) 519-7422

Does general insurance have a grace period?

Yes! The grace periods are 30 days. It is important to know that this period is governed by state laws. But insurers usually stop accepting claims a few weeks after your premium is due.

Does the general offer full coverage insurance?

The fact is that there is usually no “full coverage”. People only use it to mean that the policy has more than just Liability coverage and includes collision and comprehensive coverage. That’s all.

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.