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Freshbooks App | Your Financial Solution

Freshbooks App | Your Financial Solution Freshbooks App is your best business guide. This software is designed to give you an overview of your business and performance. The app is built with a simple dashboard the reviews your business progress at every stage.

Impraise | Software Overview | Features, Login and Pricing


Empower your employees’ to slide up the speed of performance and productivity index with Impraise – The people enablement platform. Impraise gives your employees’ clear-caught direction and focuses through its amazingly easy to use, and easy- to- set-up features such as goal management, real-time feedback, reviews, and light-weight check-ins.

Shopify SEO | 5 Shopify SEO Sins

Shopfiy SEO

Shopify SEO enhances your gaining traffic to your site. Web visitors are directed to a site that utilizes its Search Engine Optimization, SEO. So when it has some pitfalls, it discredits the site and affects the site traffic. So, Shopify SEO strategy should be learned to avoid these Shopify SEO sins. Research has it that …

Comic Book Photoshop | 8 Comic Book Photoshop Tutorials

Comic book Photoshop

Create comic images with your photos with these tools of comic book photoshop. Pull few effects and create comic characters. With this you can create whatsoever that comes to your mind. It is creativity unlimited. Follow these photoshop tutorials and entertain yourself and others.

GIMP & Photoshop | Why People Use Photoshop

GIMP & Photoshop

GIMP & Photoshop always come to bare when discussing photo and image editing softwares. Although GIMP has unique features that stands it out as the best open source image editing software on the planet, plus being a free photo software but users still prefer photoshop. So, if GIMP is so good, why does everyone use …

Multimedia content | 9 Apps for Creating Multimedia Content

Multimedia content

Apps have collapsed that gap between expert designers and the vision bearer. People can now design their own multimedia content without designers. With so many apps, people can create their own multimedia content in minutes with no prior designing knowledge and complex applications. All you need is an internet connection and a creative mind.

Inspired Guide | Exhibition Places – A Question of Talent

Inspired guide

When it comes to unique places where you can get exceptional artworks, inspired guide will take you round these array of works. When it comes to photography, London is not just the sum of an incredible array of topics, but a precious hub for displaying the results. So, with long nights and cozy interiors, November …