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Multimedia content | 9 Apps for Creating Multimedia Content

Apps have collapsed that gap between expert designers and the vision bearer. People can now design their multimedia content without designers. With so many apps, people can create their multimedia content in minutes with no prior designing knowledge and complex applications. All you need is an internet connection and a creative mind.

Multimedia content

These simple drag & drop tools will help you create awesome multimedia content with minimum trouble. Here is a list of 9 such tools that you can turn your ideas into reality instantly.

Multimedia content | 9 Apps for Creating Multimedia Content

These tools will help you become a designer even without prior knowledge of designing. Just follow it step by step and you will be surprised at the contents you have designed.

1. EWC Presenter

  • Without a shadow of a doubt, EWC Presenter is one of the best tools out there for creating rich multimedia content. It is a free online tool with amazing functionality and an endless list of features. You can create highly interactive multimedia presentations, infographics, animations and web pages using this comprehensive designing tool.
  • There’s no need for any coding or designing knowledge either. The EWC Presenter gives you a highly user-friendly interface that only requires you to drag & drop objects, shapes, and effects on your desired location.
  • It offers users a wide range of design templates that cover all the major categories of users like businesses, education, technology, and creative works. Since the EWC Presenter is a free online multimedia tool, you do not need to download it to your computer. It simply loads in your web browser and runs as smoothly as any desktop-based software.
  • There’s a lot to explore in this awesome tool and you can use its comprehensive online help tutorials to learn anything about its features and capabilities.

2. Piktochart
Pitochart is one of the top online applications for creating multimedia content. It offers its users all the necessary features, options, and tools needed to create highly engaging and attractive multimedia presentations and infographics. You have a range of themes and templates to choose from and can drag & drop a long list of objects to enrich your multimedia content. Add images and videos to the recipe and you have a complete multimedia solution at your service.

3. Easelly
Create beautiful presentations with Easelly and take storytelling to a new level. Designed specifically for children and teachers, Easelly gives you lots of attractive themes and templates to choose from, to create highly engaging and interactive multimedia presentations and infographics. It has a rather simple user interface that makes it easier for even common users to create their content with no hiccups.

4. Sound Slides
Sound Slides helps you tell stories differently. You can use a combination of attractive images and background sounds to create awesome storytelling experiences. The presentations created using this tool can be viewed on all major mobile platforms as well. You also have the option of saving your presentations as videos and publish them directly to websites like Youtube and Vimeo. The friendly user interface of Sound Slides makes sure that you don’t face any problems in creating your multimedia slides. All you need to do is combine your images with sound files and let Sound Slides do the rest for you.

5. Prezi
Prezi can easily be called one of the pioneers of modern multimedia presentations. This exciting tool creates highly engaging presentations that capture the attention of its audience. It’s a very simple and user-friendly application that does not require its users to have any prior designing or programming experience. You can integrate videos, images and all sorts of multimedia content in your presentations using Prezi. It also gives you the option of importing your PowerPoint presentations but the real fun of using this tool lies in creating presentations from scratch.

6. Empress
Upload your images and videos to create rich media presentations using Empress. Not only does it offer a wide range of editing features, but it also lets you import content from websites like Flickr to further beatify your presentations. You can also share the finished presentations via email or embed them into your website or blogs. It’s a very good tool for corporate presentations as well.

7. AmCharts
This great online tool creates highly interactive data charts and figures that can be embedded in web pages both as static or real-time data charts. It offers a large range of charts, graphs, figures and data representation techniques including serial charts, pie/donut, radar/polar and XY/scatter/bubble charts that can be used in designing engaging presentations or attractive infographics. It’s a free online tool with a very user-friendly interface that is ideal for amateur users.

8. iPresent
iPresent is another rich media presentation designing tool that allows you to add images or videos to your presentations to make them attractive for the audience. You can also import existing PowerPoint presentations and modify them using a wide range of editing options. Presentations can be published as Html pages and can be embedded into your website and blog.

9. Cacoo
Cacoo helps you create eye-catching diagrams using a very friendly user interface and easy to use drawing tools. You can use this online tool to create multiple diagrams like sitemaps, wireframes, and network charts. All the basic features and services of this tool are free and provide the user with a powerful package of creative options. However, the paid version has an even greater diversity in tools and options. The application also gives you the option of sharing your work with multiple users to enhance teamwork and collaboration. You can control user access rights for individual users and grant various levels of access to your work within your team.