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Payoneer vs PayPal – Payoneer & PayPal Features X-Rayed – Payment Gateway & Payment Processing Platforms

Looking forward to sending and receive money globally and as well attach a payment gateway to your online store and eCommerce website, you will need to check Payoneer vs PayPal which is the best and less complicated, less expensive, easy and faster processing, more secured, and safe, and more currency acceptance and country coverage plus between Payoneer vs PayPal which sends and receive money in the current exchange rate of both the sender and the receiver. All these are things to give careful consideration before opting for either Payoneer vs PayPal.

Payoneer vs PayPal

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Payoneer vs PayPal Financial Service Institutions – Payment Processing and Payment gateway

Both platforms is global money sending and receiving platform, though key features make them differ from each other, which makes one outstanding from the other.

Sending and receiving money internationally has increased and businesses and freelancers, and other international needs for transfer got these two apps and platforms; Payoneer vs PayPal on a skyrocket radar. That said known worldwide is PayPal, frequently used is PayPal, perceived as more secured is PayPal, and lots more features we will X-ray down the line.

Payoneer and PayPal Features

In deciding the best between Payoneer vs PayPal, we are going to compare the basic and advanced requirements from the user’s point of view. What users of the payment platform check for before they sign up for use. From our experience we discovered that users are mostly interested in Ease of access & a good user interface; the user-friendly, speed of processing and time of delivery, security and safety in protecting their money; highly sort after, accessibility & coverage; is it accepted in my location.

Payoneer vs PayPal Table of Analysis





1Payoneer transfers are faster and less expensive than PayPal paymentsPayPal has a larger network, which makes it easy to set up and send payments around the world.
2Payoneer transfers money to your bank account in less than 24 hours from when the transaction is initiated.The company has definitely been operational for a long time hence becoming the most recognized brand in online payment systems. This means that you have a guarantee of good services.
3Payoneer sends money directly to your payee’s bank account in local currencyPayPal sends money directly to your PayPal bank account in local currency
4Payoneer lets companies transfer money to you in local currency directly to your bank account. Users can easily receive money from foreign companies, affiliate programs, and freelancer websites to your bank account in 24 hoursPayPal Transfer, on the other hand, can last for about three working days.


5Payoneer offers a secured and safe payment systemPayPal offers a more Secured and safe payment gateway
6Payoneer is easier to use, the reason being that it allows you to set up automatic payment which makes it easier for you while transacting often. So when you receive a payment it will automatically convert to your local currency and then move straight into your accountWhile PayPal request transactions manually any time you want to make a transfer, which makes it more difficult and also take time to deliver
7Accessible anywhereAccessible anywhere but limited in some countries
8Payoneer Support over 150 currencies and 200 countries, Payoneer has a wide coverage that makes it more popularPayPal supports numerous banks across the globe, which makes it easy for withdrawals and deposits to the PayPal account by the holder. Not forgetting their recent integrations with various mobile payment methods.
9The other major pro for Payoneer is that they have a MasterCard that enables you to make all transactions at ease. Amazingly, you can withdraw using the card at no extra cost, thus affordable. You can also use the card to withdraw at any ATM across the globe with a maximum of 2500$ per day.PayPal, just like Payoneer, includes a credit or debit card and does not charge an annual maintenance fee, unlike Payoneer. This means that you can operate it just like a bank account.
10Payoneer has multiple offices in different countries where they can help their clients. Their support is also available on email, phone, and a live chat integrated to their website.Another advantage is that you can make a payment from your MasterCard without having a registered PayPal account
11Payoneer serves individuals, businesses, and online sellers, but individuals may use their services only to receive money.PayPal allows payments of over 10,000 different people in a day without incurring monthly fees. Amazingly, PayPal offers an individual and a business account. For an individual account, transaction amounts may be limited if you have not verified your account completely, but after verification, the limit is lifted. The business account is highly convenient For online business owners receiving huge amounts of money per day and making payments as well. This is because the business account has no limitations and offers a variety of options in terms of security and usability.
12Residents of the U.S. may pay using eChecks on PayoneerPayPal takes security very seriously, hence they have a well-encrypted system with a 2factor verification method to secure your account. They also pay close attention to activities in your account and help you secure your money. Similarly, if you made a payment to the wrong address, they help you by holding the transaction until the money is refunded back to you. If the recipient is not responsive, PayPal will refund the money
13The Payoneer Billing Service lets you pay other Payoneer users through your credit card.PayPal support is highly responsive and available to help you at any time you need help. They actually have a phone number that you can easily reach them during working hours.

Multi-Currency Bank Accounts

While you may use either PayPal or Payoneer to hold funds and transact in different currencies, only the latter provides unique bank account details.


If you open a PayPal account, the company gives you the ability to hold balances and transact in:

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CZK
  • DKK
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • HKD
  • HUF
  • ILS
  • INR
  • JPY
  • MXN
  • NOK
  • NZD
  • PHP
  • PLN
  • RUB
  • SGD
  • TWD
  • USD


  • The Payoneer Global Payment Service gives you access to free receiving accounts in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, MXN, AUD, JPY, and CNY
  • Receiving funds from mass payout partners such as Amazon, Airbnb, Upwork, and Fiverr is simple
  • Transfer money to other Payoneer users through the Billing Service
  • Pay no fees when you receive payments in GBP, EUR, and JPY
  • Payments received in USD come with 1% fees


The review above shows that both platforms have a strong impact on online money transfer. However, PayPal stands out when it comes to transparency and security. Though Payoneer might be cost-effective, process payment fast, and are accepted in more countries than PayPal, but the first requirement of a payment system that holds public funds is a security which PayPal passed.