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How to cancel a PayPal Transaction – Cancel Transaction

Did you make a payment to the wrong PayPal account? Is your Transaction pending for days and you would want to cancel it? Perhaps, you changed your mind to discontinue an ongoing transaction? All these are the payment issues this post has carefully addressed. So if you are bent on ways to cancel PayPal transactions, this post is to guide you on how to cancel a PayPal transaction anything you feel the need to.

How to cancel a PayPal Transaction

To cancel a PayPal transaction, go to your dashboard, then navigate to the pending transaction, on the top right side of your screen, click on the payment status and click on the cancel payment.

Can I Cancel a PayPal Payment Transaction?

The gist is, when a payment is made to a PayPal address or account, two things happen, either the payment transaction is pending or the receiving account has confirmed or claimed the payment. If the first your case, you can still cancel the transaction, but if the letter is your case, you only have to appeal to the receiver to revert the payment to you.

How do I know when a PayPal Payment is claimed by the Recipient?

In the event you made a payment to a wrong account, either, you entered a wrong payment account or you missed a number or two in the payment address. As bad as this might feel, you can still check if the payment is claimed yet or still pending. A pending payment shows the option to cancel when you navigate to the transaction history or list of transactions. A Confirmed or claimed payment shows a “Completed” in the Payment remarks and does not show options for cancellation.

PayPal Transaction – Why and when Payment Cancellation is a Good Option

First, people make mistakes, however, if I’m to insert my opinion, I would humbly say that issues that concern money need extra thoroughness and meticulous handling. That said, my first statement still holds, which is that mistakes are what makes us human and in one or two events it’s deemed unavoidable. If you find yourself in a situation where you wrongly sent money PayPal account or made up to discontinue a transaction, or you sent money to a PayPal account and for days the payment is still pending, then canceling a Paypal transaction is what you should consider.

But be aware that payment made to a PayPal account is subject to cancellation if only the payment is pending or unclaimed, but if completed, there is nothing you can do, other than to reach out to the recipient.

How to cancel a PayPal Transaction – Cancel Unclaimed Payment – Cancel Pending Transactions 

When a payment is unclaimed by the recipient, you can cancel it following the below process;

  • Go to the PayPal account
  • On your account dashboard
  • Navigate to the transaction list
  • Tap on the transitions to be canceled (it must show pending or unclaimed)
  • On the transactions details pane, navigate to the payment status
  • Click the cancel button associated with the payment
  • On prompt to confirm the cancellation, tap on the cancel payment button

After the payment or transaction is canceled, your money will be refunded to your PayPal account or Bank account if the payment was made from any of it. And payment refund takes about 3 to 4 days to reverse back to the account it will debit from.

If the payment cancellation didn’t go on well because the recipient has confirmed the payment, you might need to reach out to the person, if kind enough, the person will revert the transaction to your PayPal account, if not, kiss the money goodbye and be extra careful when next you are sending money to a PayPal account. Hope this helped someone.

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