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PayPal Account History | Search | Check | Download Account History

PayPal Account History – PayPal is used for online transactions, PayPal protects your financial information like your card details and your banking information, you don’t have to disclose your financial details every time to the merchants you are paying to.

PayPal Account History

With PayPal, you can save time shopping online and sending money. And you get more ways to cover your payments.

It is a payments company with a payment service of the same name. It supports transfers between members, for personal or business transactions, as well as guest checkout payment processing for online merchants.

Payments can be funded by credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or existing PayPal balances. Payments can be initiated by email, phone number, PayPal’s website (, or PayPal or Venom mobile apps.

With your PayPal, you don’t need the issuing paper statement rather your transaction is recorded and stored as PayPal Account History in its archive which you can call up anytime any day for user reference.

This post will help you explore different transaction histories ever carried out with your PayPal account.

Starting with recent activities. But before we show you how to access your PayPal Account History lets discuss some of the transaction details you will access on your PayPal transaction history.

PayPal Account History: What your Transaction history looks like

Below are the list of things your PayPal service providers save during each transaction with your PayPal account:

  • Supporting details such as the transaction ID, customer service, URL of the payee, time of payment and finally the type of the payment
  • The order status showing if the item was shipped and displaying the track information if applicable
  • The amount of transaction.
  • The date of the transaction
  • If the transaction was deposited or withdrawn
  • The name of the individual you received or sent money to
  • The status of the Payment as pending, canceled or completed

PayPal Account History: Locating my Transaction History

The easy way to find transaction history is to use the search or filter bar to locate account history or transaction, looking it up by:

  • The amount.
  • Types of transactions.
  • Other transaction details.

PayPal Account Transaction History Search

Locating your account history is a bit easier if you know how to navigate on the PayPal platform. Here are some instruction that will aid in locating your account history on the platform:

  1. Visit
  2. Login in to your account.
  3. In your account tap” History”.
  4. Using the search icon, key in the date of the transaction you want to view.
  5. Hit the “Show” button.

Tips: There are still other parameters you can use to access your transaction history on the platform.

These include; Payment received, Payments sent, dates within the period the transaction was made, credits, e-checks, reversals, referrals, shipping, payment holds and refunds, and lot more other parameters.

PayPal Account History: How to Download your Account History

Downloading your account history is very easy and simple and that will come in handy if there are some transaction clarification you would want to sort it with the transaction evidence.

Here are some steps to download your PayPal account history:

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Tap the “History” button.
  • Tap download History.
  • By now the file containing your historical data will start downloading.
  • To download your Account history, select data range or download history by date.
  • Select the file type.
  • Hit the download button.

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