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Facebook Dating App Download: How to Activate Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook Dating App Download

This post shares the difference between Facebook Dating App and Facebook Dating Feature. Though oftentimes, people take the two to be the same. More so, I will expand on how you can download the Dating App for free. Also, I will take this to explain the dating feature, and how to activate it.

Facebook Dating App Download

Why the confusion between Facebook Dating App and Dating Feature? Both the dating App and the Dating feature can be used on the Facebook website or platform. However, both differ in that the functions are different.

Sharing memories and moments on the Facebook platform can be an exciting thing to do. But how will you share memories together with friends and family if you don’t download and install the Facebook App on your device? The App in question is the original Facebook official App. So, This post is to help understand more about the Facebook platform and its dating App and feature. . . . .

Facebook App Download

At times people experience difficulty in downloading the Facebook App into their devices. That’s why the below instruction is important. Because it simplifies every single process of the App download. Here are steps to follow to successfully download and install the Facebook App:

  1. With an internet-enabled device, visit an App store.
  2. Key in “Facebook” into the search bar.
  3. Click on the “Facebook App” icon. Blue in color.
  4. It will ask you to download, tap on the “Download” button.
  5. Wait for the download to finish, it will auto-install on your device.
  6. Locate the App and launch it after a successful installation.

Facebook Dating Feature

The dating feature gives you access to Facebook Dating Home. With the dating home, you can match or hook up with single profiles or individuals and start conversing with them. The dating feature can only be accessed by friends using the dating home. Though the availability and accessibility of the Facebook Dating feature aren’t yet global. Currently, the dating feature is available in 20 countries. Check to see if it’s available in your country and join the dating home.

 How to Activate Facebook Dating Feature

Activating the Facebook dating feature is not easily done by many, because there is no clear instruction or guide by Facebook on the activation process. However, here are the simple and easy procedures to follow and activate FB dating Feature (FDF):

  1. Firstly, Visit
  2. Login to access your account.
  3. Also, Set up a dating profile.
  4. On your profile page, at the page top, click on the heart icon.
  5. Fill in the required profile details.
  6. Confirm and continue.
  7. Lastly, You will be taking to the Dating home, now start connecting with new dates and enjoy the friendship.

Facebook Dating App Download

The Facebook dating app is found on the Facebook platform. It’s not a standalone App to be downloaded. But if sure located within the Facebook platform it can be used for dating just like the Facebook Dating Feature. Follow the instruction above to find the Facebook Dating App:

  1. Visit
  2. On the search bar, enter “Date or Dating”.
  3. From search results, click “Apps”.
  4. Apps related to the search term date or dating will show up.
  5. Lastly, Hit the “Play Now or Use Now” to start using the Dating App.

The dating app is much more like a fun App like Games and might carry out the same function as the Dating Feature.

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