Pinterest Account | How to Create Pinterest Account

Create your co-operate identity and build brand image alongside showcase your products and services through visual images or videos. Your business has better reach on Pinterest, as having a Pinterest account generates traffic to your site. Discover new interest by posting images or videos to either their boards or others and browsing what other users have posted. To create a Pinterest account follow the steps below;

Pinterest Account

How to Create Pinterest Account

  • Sign Up – sign up with either your Facebook or Email that can link you to your Pinterest account
  • Create your Profile – you are required to create a username and password
  • Create New Boards – before you start pinning you will have to create and name your own pinboards
  • Add pins –  user are to use “Pin it” button to add pin on your board.

Creating Pinterest on Mobile Phone

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Tap  “Sign up with email – you may tap continue on Facebook and use your Facebook account to log in
  • Type in your email address
  • Tap the “ Next” button
  • Type in a password
  • Tap “Next” button
  • Then, enter your name and tap on ‘Next’ button
  • Next, enter your age and next your gender
  • Then, tap on “Done” button
  • Select5 at least 5 topics and type on ‘Next’ button. Pinterest will begin to building your profile based on your selected interest.

Pinterest Account Features

  • Pins – A pin Ian an image that has been linked from a website or uploaded. Pin  can be saved from one users board and pasted to another’s board, the process is known as “repinning”
  • Boards – Boards are collections of pubs dedicated to a theme such as quotations, travel or weddings.
  • Following another user – the feature of following, Pinterest allow user to follow and unfollow each other as well as boards. Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest contains verified accounts. A verified account will contain a checkmark next to their domain in the search results.
  • Promoted App Pins – Pinterest offers six types of rich pins that allow user to add additional information such as App pin, which enables user to promote their brand
  • Sharing –  user that wants to share a pin, board, or profile can do so on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and text messages
  • Home feed – when you log into your account in Pinterest you are taken to your feed, which you can easily refine
  • Native video –  user watch video on Pinterest, Pinterest is a video bandwagon, user can also create within Pinterest.
  • Cinematic pins – it is used to promote pins
  • Promoted video –  user can expand the promotional video and view them on a new tab.

Pinterest Account Benefits

  • Pinterest is ideal for showcasing your product or services. Due to its emphasis on visuals.
  • Pinterest generate traffic to your site. It is a grateful source of back links on website, making it simple for brands to link their images back to their website or blog.
  • Great for brand visibility. Pinterest makes it easier to reach a targeted audience.
  • Pinterest build your corporate Identity. It is a social network, it creates a lifestyle for all brands that customers can relate to.


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