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Reverse Image Search – Google Reverse Image Search

You can agree that there are billions of photos available around the web. Therefore,  without a reverse image search, it can be hard to sort through all of those, to find exactly what you are looking for. Be it their sources (photo match), as well as their accompanying details.Reverse Image Search

A reverse image search also comes in handy finding alternate sizes and cropped thumbnails of images that are already in your possession. More so, even finding other websites using the same photo.

How Reverse Image Works

You can upload a picture of anything, and Google will tell what it is, where it appears, as well as, offer up similar images.

Reverse image search can be used to track an image’s original source. Thus, it is used to check copyright violations of your own images. Also, you can use it to find out more information about a photo.

It can reverse image search from either a desktop or mobile. But,  it is more intuitive on the desktop.

How To Conduct a Reverse Image Search

You can use the reverse image search tool, to carry out an image search. You can do it either by:

  • Keying in an image URL.
  • Uploading an image
  • Searching with the keyboard.

How to Reverse an Image Using your Phone and PC


If you want to find the original source of an image you found on the website, you can simply Google reverse search an image on PC in no time. It can be done both on Windows and Mac.

On Window vs Mac

You can easily upload the image from your computer device and cloud storage. Simply open the browser from any Windows OS on any PC. Thereafter, the image can be dragged and dropped on the tool, which is the fastest way.

On Mac, the image search works like using a browser. You can open on a Mac device.

On Phone

Google image search on a phone can be carried out on any android and iOS smartphone and tablet.

Picture Search on an Android vs iOS Phone

If you have gotten a picture from a friend on your android device, and do not understand it, now, you can search by image on an Android too. Really, It is one of the best tasks to carry out online.

Similarly, the Google picture search on iOS also works just like on Android phone.  Therefore, with Safari or any other browser, you can access Google search by image on iPhone and find similar photos in split seconds.

Benefits of Photo Search Engine

  • It can help you locate visually similar images.
  • Help you learn more about the object of an image.
  • Find the original sources of images
  • Find plagiarized photos.
  • Create backlink opportunities
  • Detect fake accounts.
  • Assist you in identifying people, places, and products.
  • Discover more versions of a particular image.
  • To enhance search engine optimization.

You can now see from the above steps, that conducting a reverse image search on Google is simply straightforward. That is to say, Google has simplified our lives by offering us research tools that can help us find information in split seconds on any kind of device.  Therefore, take advantage of it!!!

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