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SEO Test Tools | 5 Free Advance On-Page-SEO Analysis Tools

Yes, you just started on your journey to SEO. It makes sense to use the best SEO test tools to carry out an On-Page-SEO analysis.

Though to start seeing results as a beginner it may take about six months to a year. Patience is all you need and I bet you if you stay consistent and stick to Google SEO guidelines your ranking will pick up early enough.

SEO Test Tools

See, any industry you’re in. And you’re getting results within a week or even a month. It tells me that your sites have been into existence (old), has a domain authority, but in most cases, it means you’re writing for easy keywords that are less commercial intent or value. Which at the end brings no income.

What should you measure when doing SEO?

What are the key indicator or matrices of the right SEO?

I’m going to reveal the main key metrics you should measure for your SEO strategy and test your SEO strategy with the right SEO test tools to see how well you’re doing.

SEO Test Tools | 5 Free Advance On-Page-SEO Analysis Tools

Here is some On-Page-SEO you should be testing:

Search Traffic Using Google Analytics

The first SEO test I recommend you measure is your search traffic. And the best SEO test tools for measuring your search traffic is Google Analytics.

Why GA? Google Analytics tells you if your search traffic is going up or down.

If your search traffic is going up, then you are doing the right thing! If it’s going down, you need to change your strategy.

Impressions Using Google Search Console (GSC)

Use Google Search Console to check the number of impressions you get on a page.

Why is measuring impression important?

See, before you get traffic from Google, you impressions impression first.

What is a page impression? When someone keys in a search query on Google, and scrolls down to bottom listing or even listing on page two, three and four, but don’t click on those listing.

So as you move up to page one or even number five to two listing, you get more clicks.

The more your impression increases, it means you’re doing well. But if your impression is flat or decreasing. It means you are getting it wrong. So you need to change your strategy.

Backlinks using Ahrefs

The next SEO test is backlinks. Use

Why Ahrefs?

Ahrefs shows you how many people are linking to you. As well as how many people are linking to your competitors.

With the knowledge of how many people liking to you and how many linking to your competitors. You know to determine who’s growing faster.

If you’re growing faster than your competitors, and you’re getting more authoritative natural links, you’re not buying them, which you shouldn’t, you’re in a good place. And soon you will outrank them.

Number of content Published

How many contents do you publish in a day? If you’re publishing four articles a week, or one article a week. It will take years to do well in the search engine ranking.

I know some people say that the number of content published in the day doesn’t matter anymore. But that’s not true.

Here is why it matters…

When you publish two to six articles a day you will get more search traffic over time. Because the more blog post you publish. The more keywords that Google can potentially index you for.

My advice to you would be – publish one or more articles per day at a minimum. But if you have a lot doing, you can publish four to three times in a week.

Index Pages using Google Search Console

The last metric I recommend you track is your index pages.

Back to Google Search Console. This SEO test tool shows not only the impressions a particular post generate, but it also shows you how many index pages you have. If you have it, you want to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console.

But if you run WordPress site use the Yoast SEO plugin. It makes things easy. Because it automatically creates a sitemap, updates it, and tells Google each time a new blog post is published.


Keep track of these five metrics to know if you are doing things right or wrong. If you are getting it right, then you don’t have anything to worry but if not, then you need to change your SEO techniques. If your results are going up then continue with that SEO strategy. The above five ways reveal how to SEO test your SEO optimization work with the best SEO test tools.