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Freelance Digital Marketer: 7 Ways To Triple Your Income in 3 Months

Freelance Digital Marketer

In this post, I’ll be sharing seven ways that if carefully followed your income will triple in the next three months if you are a startup but if you did already started something you can triple your income in just one month as a digital freelancer.

Freelance Digital Marketer

Let’s delve quickly into the income box of a Freelance Digital Marketer

#1: Skills Discovery

Carry out a personal evaluation of what you are naturally good at. And stay focused on it – anything else might be a distraction.

Often you hear people say that if you keep working at something, you’ll eventually become better at it or better still an expert. But the big trap here is that – most times is not true rather a trap to keep wasting a]your time and end up being mediocre.

I would advise you to focus on what your natural talents are and what you’re naturally better at than other people.

Here are three core “What” question to ask yourself that will help prime out what you do better than others easily;

What do people say often to me – as compliments?

What do people ask me to help them out in doing?

What experiences do I have that others value?

The answers to these questions in a way should have a connection to a solution(product or services) in line with Freelance Digital Marketer or marketing.

#2: Find the tipping point between skills, interests & need

The point here is to find ways your interest, skillset, and peoples or market needs meet. So, focus on finding the meeting point between the thing you love and the thing you’re skilled at. That is your tipping point.

Added to that as we did already say is the market need for whatever you came up with. The reality is – not every idea will sell.

Tips: To figure out if your business idea is “sell-able”, ask yourself: Is someone else out in the niche I want to dive into already selling the product or services?

If yes! Then it’s proof that your business idea is legit and can as well sell.

More so, you can use some marketing survey tools and as well carry out market research to find out if your products or service will solve a problem faced by your target audience. If your product or service solves a problem that a certain demographic has, or brings value in some way, be rest assures that it’s going to sell. Value = sale. It’s that simple.

#3: Identify your target audience

Don’t make the mistake of creating a product or services that serve everyone. That can never happen. When selling products or services, target a specific people group.

If you try to sell to everyone, you’ll sell to no one – the key is to make your target audience as specific as possible and speak very specifically to their personas.

The truth is – If I can speak to the feelings, insecurities, motivations, and pleasures that your target audience has, your products or services are more likely to resonate with them.

#4: Use Social channels to share brand value

With social media platforms, smartphones, and a million other distractions, it becomes very hard to grab your audience’s attention. The best way to get their attention is to create content of any form (video, text, image, etc.) that communicate your brand value and share on all social platforms your audience hangs out in.

That way – you will grab their attention and build trust with them before they ever buy what you’re selling.

#5: Build your brand

Personal branding is much more complex than you can think, and branding yourself as a premium service is a science. You can learn more about branding in this post.

However, if you’re just one person offering one particular product or service, you still need to treat yourself as a professional business selling something premium – and in return, people will treat you as such.

Promote yourself and create your website. In your website include things like a homepage, an about page, a Contact page, and a page that lists your services. Keep it simple, clean, and professional-looking.

#6: Continue in your Expert Journey

I bet you, there is always more to learn, and the more knowledge and experience gather, the more you turn expert in your niche. So set aside time every day, every week or every month to dive even deeper into your field of expertise. Read industry-relevant publications and blogs, network and learn from others in your field, or practice what you do

#7: Take your Brand to your Customers

Start joining relevant online groups, forums, and conversations that involve your target audience. Maybe it’s Facebook Groups, Reddit Groups or Twitter threads.

The ideal thing isn’t to immediately start promoting your products or services. You’ll get blocked or banned almost immediately. The goal is to build authority and make people see you as an expert in your chosen niche

Here is the ideal thing to do – start engaging in conversation. Respond to people’s comments, ask questions, and give feedback. Over time people will starting looking for you by asking your social platform or even where they can get what you offer.

Be real, be relevant, and build relationships. Then, after a few weeks, you can start talking about your product or services. But only after relationships have been established. If you follow these tips as a Freelance Digital Marketer you can triple your income in three months.