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How to Promote a Tweet | Reach your Target Audience Faster

How to Promote a Tweet; promoted tweets are ways to get large numbers of Twitter users to view your best Twitter content or tweets with less time. We are going to share a few periods you might need to use quickly promoted tweet. The main aim is to help you grow your audience with less time;

How to Promote a Tweet

  1. When you have high audience engagement; The first thing you need to know about marketing is that whenever your followers are actively involved and looking at every single tweet you promote there is a possibility that a good number of other users would also be interested in engaging you as well.
  2. When your tweet is rotating around your followers; there is no resting time for Twitter users. Even when your work hours are due, you need to still monitor your ads with your mobile device to see how good your tweet is performing. To sustain such performance use quick promote.
  3. When you take nice pictures; Mobile smartphones has made it a little easier to add more sparks to your tweet and with a click away your viewpoints is quickly promoted.
  4. Present at an event; they could be more people that want to be in the event you are but couldn’t. Tweeting an event live helps you connect to Twitter users who share the same interest with you. Quick promote live event tweet can gain you a lot more followers.

How to Promote a Tweet on Twitter

Reaching your audience faster; we are going to show you how to get your tweets in front of your audience, but not just getting it to them but doing so on time. In the world of marketing, timeliness is very crucial to your success especially when you are dealing with ”promoted trend”. Here are some quick steps to follow to promote a tweet;


  • Create a tweet or choose an already existing tweet you would want to promote.
  • On your timeline, tap on the “Activity icon” from the device you are using to access your twitter account Or pick a tweet in your activity dashboard or better still an already published tweet on your account home.
  • Tap on the “Promote this tweet” button.
  • Choose your target location (country, state/province/region or metro area).
  • How much would you like to pay; select the budget that best fits your marketing goal.
  • Twitter will give you an estimated result.
  • You will be asked to provide your payment details if it’s your first twitter ads.
  • The final step is to confirm your payment and in a short period of time, your tweet will hit a wide range of users.

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