Facebook Account Password | Facebook Account Password Benefits and Tips

You need to secure your Facebook account, to give you an exclusive access to your account. Your Facebook account password is the key to your Facebook account, with it you log into your account anywhere and anytime. And being the key to accessing your account, you need to secure it very well, to prevent unauthorized access to your account. There is every need to secure your online world. Lock it, that only you can have access to it. The tips below will help you to secure your account or create a strong password;

Facebook Account Password

Facebook Account Password Tips

Facebook password has some guides that must be followed, to enable you create a strong and secure password. But for you to have a Facebook account password, you need to create a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account Log onto here to open a Facebook account.

  • It is advised you choose a Facebook password that is complex, but easy to remember. To achieve this, use a random alphanumeric and special characters. It is also advised, that you make your Facebook password 8 to 15 characters long. The longer your Facebook password is, the more secure it is.
  • Avoid single dictionary words, while creating your Facebook password. This, is because, a single dictionary word can easily be guessed, thus making your Facebook account, vulnerable to hackers.
  • Use simple memory techniques or a password manager, to boost your ability to recall your password. With Password managers, you can recall your password because your password can be encrypted in the clouds, and synched to your accounts.
  • Change your password periodically, to prevent your account from being compromised.

Facebook Account Password Benefits

  • Acts as a security to your account
  • It keeps your information safe from hackers
  • Grants you exclusive access to your account
  • Safeguards your account from getting hacked
  • Restricts unauthorized access into your account.
  • Secure your business page, and protect your company’s reputation.
  • Protects your overall best interest on the Facebook platform, and grants you exclusive access to all that concerns you on the Facebook platform.


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