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Blog Commenting | A Way To Link Building (Traffic Boost Medium)

Commenting on other bloggers posts can be valuable in building backlinks and a way to generate traffic to your site especially if you are commenting on forums like and other forums that discuss general and related topics in your industry/niche. Blog commenting can only yield results if done the right way and in the right place.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting | A Way To Backlinks Building, Brand Awareness, and Traffic Generation

That’s why the right place to thrive in blog commenting is on industry or popular blogs where your ideal customers/audience are regular visitors.

What is Blog Commenting and why new blogs need it for backlinks and traffic?

I can define blog commenting as exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, and knowledge about a particular topic on a blog post between bloggers and the readers with a backlink to your website. Blog commenting helps to build relationships between the blogger and the reader which might lead to conversion and hence you get a lot of backlinks and traffic to your webpage.

Reasons you must Adopt Commenting on other Bloggers Posts

Bloggers often use blog commenting for different reasons. Some do it to increase their Alexa Rank, SEO to generate traffic and some do it basically for spreading knowledge. But basically, everyone gets involved with blog commenting to create backlinks and generate traffic.

2 Category of SEO Blog Comments

SEO Blog commenting is categorized into two groups

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual


This process can be done with the use of a tool called Scrapebox which is an automation tool that is designed to post large amounts of comments on blogs that have been scrapped by the user. The comments are generated from a list of generic comments and then text spinning is used to produce a different version of the comment. This method can only be used on blogs with open moderation that don’t need approval.


The manual way of blog commenting is the most recommended and assure a way of commenting on a blog post. There are several ways of doing so which I’ll further explain.

3 Major Why to Blog Commenting Explained

  1. For Traffic Generation

Most bloggers who comment on pages usually leave a backlink to their website which is a channel to drive traffic to their website. to drive traffic to your webpage, ensure that your comment is relevant to the topic being discussed as random comments and backlinks might be perceived as spam.

  1. Backlinks Building

Blog commenting gives you the ample opportunity to share your backlinks on other’s blog. If your Blog isn’t gaining enough traffic probably because it is not gaining enough power from search engines, then sharing your backlinks in the appropriate pages is a sure way to gain traffic.

  1. Expose Your Brand to the Public

Bloggers usually blog about things within their niche or in their industry so it can get to the right set of people and they become aware and conscious about your brand and what you do. By commenting on another blog along with your backlink, you gain users who are interested or in the same industry with your brand and even if the readers don’t comment on your blog; they are already aware of what your brand is and what you do.

Practical Ways to Write Blog Comments that generate more Backlinks and Drive Traffic to your Websites

  • Write a moderate blog comment with five to ten paragraphs. That way you can write a comprehensive comment that helps people with the answer to the question you are trying to answer and still not bore them.
  • Be practical when writing a blog comment. (you don’t have all the time as many people will seek to gain visitors’ attention just as you do. So be thorough in your writing and provide in-depth comments.
  • While commenting show off your skills and uphold your brand image by using field related terms. But don’t go too abstract.
  • Personalize your comment by naturally introducing your brand name in your comment. Don’t stuff it, the blog owner might delete your comment if you sound too promotional.
  • If you are answering a visitor’s question, start by mentioning their name, that way you connect with them.
  • Be polite and nice; end your comments with a thank you and a request to help if any further confusion or problem.
  • Don’t divert from the blog post topic; make sure your comment is within the post topic. Except there is a branch of that topic the publisher didn’t write about. Only then are you permitted to digress?
  • Be consistent in commenting. You don’t drive traffic or build backlinks with just one comment on other people’s blogs. It takes consistency, relevancy and high-quality value comment for people to notice you. (Brand awareness first before traffic or backlinks).

The Best Place for Blog Commenting

To build quality backlinks that help you rank on Google search engine and drive traffic to your website, you need to consider commenting the right way and the right place.

Things to check for;

  • An authority website. (Preferably a site from 50 to 100% domain authority).
  • A website/blog related and relevant to your niche/industry.
  • Websites with high traffic. (popular blogs)
  • A blog that has terms it’s ranking number one already on Google.


Commenting on blog posts is easy and essential if you want your brand or blog to be noticed. Develop the right strategies, comment on topics in your niche. Try to avoid using automated for mass comment as it can be detected as spam and hence you won’t gain the traffic you seek.