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Instagram Stories | 7 Ways to Increase your Organic Reach

Are you on Instagram? Searching for ways to spice up your Instagram stories for more audience to view?

This article is written solely to show you the ways you can keep your viewers glued to your Instagram story and increase your organic reach.

Instagram Stories

What is Instagram Story and How Does It Work?

Instagram story popularly known as Instastory is a feature that comes with the Instagram app that enables users to capture pictures, videos, text content to be posted in a slideshow format. These contents when posted are made available for 24 hours.  It also has a feature that allows you to post text, emojis, and conduct polls for viewers to see.

Instagram has developed an algorithm that determines the numbers who can view your stories. This algorithm selects the most relevant, engaging and best content for every follower and then place such content in the follower’s stories feed for them to view.

As an individual who has a business page on Instagram, you’ll want your content to get to the right persons who may buy from you.  Below are some relevant tips that would enable you to increase your organic reach and get your content to your target audience.

Upload Different Video Type

It’s been proven over time that videos get the attention of viewers more than pictures or graphics do.  Instagram story is the best and easiest platform to upload different type’s videos on social media.

You can create GIFs along with some stickers to make it look colorful, there is also the option of recording a short 15 seconds clip from your device camera directly to your story.

This can be edited with some background music, texts, emoticons, face filters, etc. Some tools which you can use in creating your Instagram stories videos include mojo video app, Tiktok, gif maker by momento, vivavideo, etc. Unlike LinkedIn, you don’t to be professional on Instagram as it gives room for diversity and flexibility.

Treat Your Viewers like your Family and Friends

Instagram is mostly about connecting with people via videos and pictures.  There are lots of brand ambassadors who use this opportunity to showcase their real selves on their Instastory by getting in front of the camera and posting videos of a different kind.

This method builds trust with your audience and also help promote your organic reach to more audience and over time, you and your viewers begin to build a bond as family and friends do. They’ll always look out for when next you post content on your Instagram story.

You don’t necessarily need to talk about business all the time on your stories, you create a presence online that makes your viewers connect with you easily.

Stories should Have a Start and Finish

It is presumed that contents posted on Instagram stories are on the way of overtaking content on the main feed.  Take your time in creating and curating content for your Instagram story as you would for your main feed.

As you create your content, ensure it has a beginning, the body, and the end. Consider what texts, images, and videos you’ll want to share and know the right place to position them so that the information you wish to communicate across to your viewers can easily be picked up.

Add Elements to Captivate Viewers Attention

Users on Instagram usually have a short time to spend on each post as they are relatively fast in scrolling up and down away from different stories until they meet the one that captures their attention.

You need to arrange your content to get as many viewers as possible who would watch your videos till the end. Some elements you can use in your stories to capture viewers’ attention includes adding music to your stories, conduct polls for interaction, use text prompts to display what you are showcasing.

Create Quality Content

With the algorithm Instagram uses, it places contents that people want to see in front of their story feed. Create and post good content that can easily engage your audience to like and also comment on your story. Conduct research on the type of content your audience spends their time and see how you can bring some of those content to your story feed. You can also leverage other user-generated content to do so.

Increase your Content Quantity

According to a report from AdWeek, Instagram users miss out on 70% of the post that shows up on their feed. This means that for you’re to get users to view your content more, you need to increase the quantity of your content at a different time of the day so as not to decrease the quality of the content.

You can choose to upload content every 4, 5 or 6 hours. When you do so, you’ll observe the number of viewers for those time frame is different.

Post Content at the Right Time

Choosing the right time of the day to post your content is essential in reaching the audience you seek. Different days of the week have a different optimal hours where people are available to view your content. This is very important and you need to study your previous post engagement and time where it had the highest number and fewer views.

Take note of this time and map them out for different days of the week and post at the hour where your content views were the highest, you would be most likely to achieve the same result again.


Many businesses can now be found on Instagram and they’re all competing for attention on everyone’s feed. By using the tips I’ve share above, you can be able to keep your content relevant and take advantage of the Instagram algorithm to place your content in front of people’s story feed and hence, increase your organic reach for your business.

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