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Facebook Post Engagement | How To Increase Audience Engagement and Conversions

We cannot say for sure that there are one or two things you must do to make your Facebook post engagement highly effective. To reach your campaign objective. As there is no such rule. everything about Facebook ads is by experiment.

Facebook Post Engagement

Here is the gist, different market niche has things that have worked in the past, some are still working presently. Considering the fast-changing nature of social media channels and the continuous update or introductions of new features.

Someone can actually say, that anything that works is what works for you and still working now.

That doesn’t mean that there are no success stories, there are but sometimes doesn’t guarantee the same performance as to that of the originator especially if it’s to be tested in a different niche.

In all, there is still good news; there is a general approach to creating an effective Facebook post that has worked for years and still working now.

To create an amazing Facebook post engagement that generates tons of likes and comments. You must learn how to play around with the right element combinations. The same thing is obtainable for advertisers that use posts to either drive traffic to a website, engagement, create brand awareness, and conversions.

Facebook Post Engagement Tips

I am going to show you the 6 essential elements of an effective organic or sponsored ad post strategy that drives audience engagement.

#1: Know your audience

Don’t just know who to target but also understand how they think, what appeals (interests) to them. There are some Facebook tools you can use to understand your customer’s buying habits and interests like Audience Insight tools.

#2: Keep it brief

Be concise and straight to the point without bluffing or writing long irrelevant content.

The longer your text the more boring it becomes. People are looking for ways to save time and still get value or be convinced with a few lines of sentences.

Been brief shouldn’t make you less informative, but know what and what your audience would want to read or product details that are needful and stick to it.

A statistics released by Newswhip, have shown that Facebook post with few characters records the best performance. The ideal length of a Facebook post should be 40 characters or less. Avoid the use of phrasing on your headlines.

The millennial process information in a virtual form more than text. Instead of the long text that bores your audience why not include images and videos to add more virtual appeal.

#3: Go for audience emotion

Virtually everyone that uses the internet specifically Facebook is tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Many people will respond to your ad or post if it connects to their present needs. Many will respond if you are able to evoke their emotion and get them to take immediate action.

When it comes to buying, though a good number of internet users make an informed buying decision. But there is still some handful that makes decisions based on how ads appeal to their emotion and personality.

Create an easy connection with your audience by getting them to think. But don’t go too abstract. Been rational and empathetic not only gives them reasons to purchase your product or subscribe to your services but also shows that you care.

#4: Get users to act

Users will respond to your post if you are able to get them to take action.

How to get your audience to act;

  • Stay consistent with your brand look and feel.
  • If you run an e-commerce business integrate your site with Facebook to enable users to scroll through your product without leaving Facebook.
  • Your post should be consistent with what you sell or offer.
  • If you sell products that are in varieties, make sure to show different varieties.
  • Make sure your call to action button or link is simple and can be easily and boldly seen.
  • Show some creativity in your ad copy or post.
  • Don’t make your ad copy or post sound too promotional.

#5: Let it out at the right time

There are millions of content shared on Facebook on a daily basis. Thousands of them released every second but just very few of them get to reach the target audience. Before it gets reshuffled by the Facebook algorithm.

So from audience insights, you must be able to know when or what time in the day or days in the week your audience shows up on Facebook.

Take for instance by statistics Thursdays and Fridays between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm is considered by many Facebook users and advertisers to be the best time to post on Facebook.

Audience Insights: how do I know when my audience comes online?

Find out the best time your audience uses Facebook;

  • On audience insight, go to page insight under the post tab, click on the section titled “When Your Fans Are Online”.
  • In “When your fans are online” section you will see a two-segmented part, the upper part represents the days in a week (from Sunday to Saturday) when your audience shows up online and the lower part shows the time-specific time in a day they show up.

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