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7 Reasons Why Shoppers Don’t Buy From Your Ecommerce Website After Their First Visit

Do you run an online store and wonder why you have a high rate of the abandoned cart or you’re struggling to make sales on your eCommerce website? The number of eCommerce websites is growing at a geometric proportion and hence the number of competition is growing with them. Having all and the best product is not enough to keep your customers. As you can lose them over a tiny detail you choose to ignore.

Ecommerce Website

In this post I’ll be sharing with you mistakes eCommerce website do that makes buyers not to buy from them after their first visit.

  1. Website Design

According to research made, a study shows that the design of an eCommerce website also determines if the shoppers would find it trustworthy to shop with any of the content published on the site.

Use a trusted platform when designing your website or better still, employ a designer to help design your website with the latest themes, features, and functionalities that would be similar to other popular eCommerce websites.

  1. Website Ranking

Most shoppers start by searching the products they wish to buy on google and if you have a low/poor ranking, your eCommerce website won’t appear on the top list of search items. You need to work hard to generate traffic to your site as most shoppers won’t go to the next page aside from the first page on the search engine to get what they are searching for.

Best Ecommerce Website Builder

The best eCommerce website builder has a handful of benefits and easy to use features and platform tools that make them better and even best from other eCommerce website builders. these features include product listing for online shopping, make and accept orders, and process payments. Some even go the extra mile to support unlimited product listing. While some other eCommerce website builders limit product listings but offer added offers and features, such as social media integrations and blogging tools.

List of Best Free Ecommerce Websites

  • freewebstore
  • Ecwid
  • MyOnlineStore
  • WooCommerce
  • Square
  1. High Shipping Rate

Most shoppers would only purchase an item if the rate of shipping is moderate and not unusually high. A study shows that 23% of online shoppers would only make a purchase if the shipping is free and 70% would only pay for a shipping fee that is not more than $5.

  1. Mobile Friendly

A study shows that mobile google search drives about 96% of mobile traffic and about 51% make purchases using their mobile phones. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly to enable shoppers to view their product as though they’re being viewed from a desktop/laptop else they won’t have a good shopping experience and may not return to your eCommerce site.

Test the theme you use for your website with google mobile-friendly test and run the test on different devices as possible to achieve a maximum satisfied result.

  1. Unedifying Product Photos

Using photos that don’t illuminate the product, lack detail or aren’t clear or attractive may shy customers away from buying such products on your eCommerce website. A product description is very essential as some producers have more visuals than others, so you need to find a way to balance this and bring out the true color of each product so that it doesn’t lack any important detail.

  1. Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is more likely to lose customers than they are to keep or have loyal ones. When a customer contacts the customer service, they want their issues to be resolved swiftly and logically without procrastinating or elongating their time on such matters.

A good customer care service should be multi-channeled and not limited to phone calls alone.

  1. Poor Or No Return Policy

A poor, inconvenient or no return policy drives customers away from your commercial website. Shoppers need to be assured that when they have errors with their product or there was a delivery error, they can still be able to return the product or get them replaced. Lack of a good return policy creates distrust with your shoppers and a study shows that 95% of shoppers would share their bad experience with at least one person.