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Social Media Marketing Platforms | Best Media Platforms for Marketing

Social Media Marketing Platforms – In today’s world marketing is breaking out of the conventional trap into a globalized form.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

The invention of social media platforms has played a major role in making the world through the internet an interconnected place where goods and services can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

However, as a marketer, the first thing to take cognition of is the use of the right social media platform against the right target audience.

Different social media platforms reach a different set of audiences.

Also, each media platform has a unique marketing approach and strategy if results or ROI must be achieved.

So to that, we’ve taken time to analyze different social media platforms; what works, when, and to which audience.

And have come up with a brief and comprehensive overview of how different social media platforms can be employed for marketing in its unique ways and approaches.

Social Media Marketing Using Facebook

The Facebook platform as an environment where casual friends meet, demands active and strategic marketing.

Knowing fully well that it’s a social media platform with the highest user-base where friends go for relaxation and friendly chats, there are a set of unique approaches you will have to adopt.

Here are a few things you need to put in place when marketing with Facebook:

  • The first requirement as a marketer is to create a Facebook Business page.
  • Give attention to your page layout, profile images, and brand logo if any (looks is a key factor).
  • Produces content that entertains and keeps your tone friendly and humorous and engaging.
  • Go for a paid Ad to complement your organic reach, these days organic reach is highly limited.

Social Media Marketing Using Google+

At first, when Google+ started it drew the attention of many to the point it becomes Facebook major competitor and finally dropped when it became more narrowed to a niche audience.

The good thing about Google+ is that it gives you customizable leverage where a marketer can segment followers into smaller groups.

Which makes sharing of information very easy to a particle grouped audience while other groups are on the bar.

However, as we speak, Google by last year has announced plans to withdraw Google+, so be conscious while delving into it.

Social Media Marketing Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a Catchy fast-growing social platform with a specific audience – Female.

Pinterest is an ideal place for marketing because of its image friendly and brand personality development enabled by its unique center area called Pinboards.

We can actually say that Pinterest is one best social platform for marketing especially if your target audience is females.

Social Media Marketing Using Twitter

As a marketer twitter is the best broadcasting social media platform you can ever think of.

With a tweet, you can get your brand presence out there.

However, there are some certain marketing tips you would need to observe while using Twitter for marketing:

  • Use Tweets to grow or create business awareness and build your brand, but while you do that, tweet promotional offers, discounts, and fun news.
  • Leverage more on customers’ testimonials (retweet when a customer says something good about your brand).
  • Engage people by responding to their questions and comment (Active interaction and communication is key in building a brand presence on Twitter).

Social Media Marketing Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as we all know, is a professional social media or networking platform where professionals share content, post job listing, and employee networking.

Here are a few marketing tips when using LinkedIn for marketing:

  • Get customers to recommend you or your business.
  • Go to the LinkedIn questions section and provide well-thought-out answers to build trust and credibility.

Social Media Marketing Using YouTube

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform. It has drawn huge attention over the years and has turned out to be the biggest marketing tool for businesses, brands, and individual earning platforms through video sharing.

A lot of people struggle a lot while trying to rank on the top pages of YouTube for a particular video key term but don’t get to.

Here is one vital tip you need to know when marketing with YouTube:

  • Create useful content.
  • Give more attention to instructive and “How-To” do anything video and you will rank on YouTube.