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Email Marketing | Email List Building Through Social Media Platforms

Increase your email marketing strategy by building an email list of your social media followers, friends, and site visitors.

There are about 3.7 billion people on the global email list of users. Considering the fact the many social media users are recently getting tired of social media use. Because of Security Bridge and mass distraction with paid or sponsored ads.

Email marketing is now paving waves as a high engagement campaign model. It’s recorded that email has boosted campaign results with a 59% open rate and a 31% click-through rate.

Email Marketing

Also according to the survey carried out by U.S marketers, email marketing contributes to high ROI, about 122% compared to other social media channels. By finding email marketing the best lead generation channel.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can build an email list with your social media platforms followers and friends.

Building an email list is just a start to creating a good email strategy. It has to transcend to creating email campaign messages that convert the already user’s generated email list into customers.

4 Ways to Build an Email Marketing List using Social Media Channels

Here is how to collect email addresses of your social media fans and build quality leads;

#1: Drive Traffic to your Email Subscription Web Page

Your focal point on social media platforms should be on ways to encourage and direct your social media fans to visit your website. You can collect their email through member registration, newsletter, free eBooks, reports, and analysis.

Practical steps;

  • Add your website link to your social media profile.
  • Leverage the Click-to-Tweet Tool
  • Create a sign-up button on your Facebook page

#2: launch a Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Launching a drip email marketing campaign on social media channels is way you generate quality email leads. By sharing quality, relevant and problem-solving content with your social media fans. With that, you can generate email subscribers who are genuinely interested in what you share and sell.

You can share verities of drip messages. Such as relevant blog posts, explanatory or educational videos, infographics. How products work, updates, and webinars.

#3: Organize Social Contest

This strategy is proven to have worked and still working today. Many of your fans are looking for ways to access what you sell (products and services) on your website for free. So occasionally create social media contest or giveaway offers that will entice them to sign for the offer. Through that medium, you can collect their emails.

Practical steps;

  • Create customized promotion and offers using Facebook
  • Use Apps like Fanappz, and Votigo to create your giveaways as it allows email collection during users sign up.
  • Lure your fans through the audience review contest. By asking for the submission of any media content to qualify for a prize.
  • Incentivize your content or giveaways sharing or referring through your fans. It allows for a sign up before participating in the sharing or referrer process.

#4: Invite Fans in Online Class

Sharing quality and helpful content with your social media fans is one of the ways you can encourage them to sign up. So let’s say you hold free seminars online via YouTube or webinars. You can send an invitation to shout out to your fans and get them to sign up to access your webinar. Use Google hangout to start one today and pile up email sign-ups.