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Social Media Channels | How to choose the Right Social Media Channel for your Business

Social media Channels – I see startups and businesses get confused oftentimes on the choice of what social media channels are best for their business and which is housing their potential customers or target audience.

Social Media Channels

Here is the gist, different social media channels play different role and house different audience, take for instance Snapchat is a channel for teenagers, LinkedIn houses professional workers, and Twitter is a platform for celebrities, Politicians, and other recognized personalities, Instagram is for both small, medium and large businesses.

With the above statistics, you can actually make further research to know which platform your target audiences are and focus your business reach there.

The truth is that you mustn’t be on all social channels. So in this post, I am going to help make the choice of the right social media platform for your business.

Where your audiences are, that you can drive engagement and boost your business revenue.

How to choose the right Social media Channels for your business

In showing you how to choose the right social channel for your business I will try as much as I can to be more practical than theoretical.

Here are seven questions or decisions you have to take based on informed knowledge and statistical data and your business is good to go.

#1: Who is your Target Audience

First question, who am I trying to reach with my business. And which social channels do they use?

Make research to find out which platform your audience to spend their time most

Be sure you have gathered details about a platform. Facebook has tools that will help you figure out where your audience burn their time, how often do they come online and the average time they spend each day.

Here is some social media usage statistics that might help;

Facebook = 2.340 billion, Instagram = 1 billion, LinkedIn = 640 million, Googl+ =120 million, MySpace =15 million, Flickr = 100 million, Airbnb = 170 million, 4Chan = 22 million, Snapchat = 180 million, Twitter =327 million, Wechat = 1.2 billion, Reddit = 540 million, YouTube =1.5 billion etc.

If you have an existing customer persona you can look up their social profiles.

#2: Which social channel connect with my brand or market niche

Every niche or industry has specific social channels that align with the kind of business, product, and services they offer.

For instance, if you’re a B2C e-commerce beauty brand such as clothing, cosmetics, etc. then Instagram and Pinterest will give you the right environment to drive conversions.

#3: If you are an existing Brand: Analyze your traffic sources

If you already have an existing brand, analyze which social channels that bring tons of traffic to your landing page or website.

#4: What channels are my competitors using

Don’t focus on yourself and be engrossed on how to make progress, understudy other existing bran in your industry or niche and see what they are doing right, learn from them and replicate it in your own business. But don’t be a copycat.

You have to know the channels your competitors use must and know their market strategy.

#5: What speaks best to my audience

Publishing content that resonates with your audience is very important and crucial, it’s one of your advertising strength and major key leverage.

You will have to build content that is consistent with your brand and be professional. Understudying your competitors may open you up to the type of content relevant to your type of industry.

#6: Set a goal for your business

What do you want to accomplish with your social strategy? It can help you determine the type of channel to use, as well as the type of content that is most cherished there.

For instance, Facebook pushes for a video ad, Pinterest push for infographics and so many others with unique content strategy.

#7: Grab the right social platform

Finally, with the above decisions you have made, it’s time to grab the type of social channel to use.

Here are 7 social media channels statistics, use it to make the choice of the right social media channel to pick for your business.