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Meetme Login at – Meetme/Sign Up 2023

Today, login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme account –  Meeatme Mobile – Meet Me Online – Meetme App – CREATE A NEW MEETME ONLINE ACCOUNT – MEETME LOGIN AT WWW.MEETME.COM

How Do I sign up for Meetme?

Yes! To create a new Meetme account, you will need to visit the account registration page at Navigate to the bottom right side and click on “Sign Up Free”. Next, enter your name, and key in your email, gender, and birthdate. Finally, select country, and region and enter a password. Then, click on sign up to create a meet me online account.

Furthermore, to log in to Meetme, go to the login page, click on the member login button and enter your email and password. Then, click on the login button. Or click login with Facebook, enter your Facebook account details or click on the continue button to sign in to Meetme with your Facebook account.

Login to Meetme

It’s that easy, huh? Yes, it is. But we have detailed info on how to Login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme account below. KEEP READING.


Hence, sign up or create a new Meetme online dating account for new users – Have you ever imagined meeting a dating partner online? I can feel it, often, you’ve asked yourself – “When will I meet my soul Mate”?

Can I find a date online? Is there a dating app or social networking site that can help me meet friends, chat, date, have fun, and even hook up with a life partner on the internet? Not to worry.

Thus, Connect with over a billion registered users and millions of active users daily with the Meetme app.

In case you don’t know, there is a new Dating App and online dating site called Meetme created for single women and men, boys and girls, and ladies and guys. Infant, just for anyone interested in an online meetup. However, you need to Login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme account to chat and have fun on Meetme online dating site.

That said, before we continue, here is a breakdown of what this post covers:

  1. MeetMe Dating App and Site – What you Need to Know
  3. Login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme account
  4. Also, How to Create a New Meetme Account 
  5. MeetMe Sign Up with Facebook
  6. Register MeetMe with Facebook Account – The Easiest Way for a New Meetme Subscriber
  7. Also, MeetMe Login – Login to Meetme – How to Login on Meetme Account
  8. Meetme Download – MeetMe Mobile App – Meetme Dating On Mobile phone – Android
  9. Meetme Mobile App for iOS Devices
  10. Next, MeetMe APK Download
  11. Meetme Account Recovery
  12. Also, Meetme Logout
  13. Meetme Profile Search – How to Search for people on Meetme
  14. Can I Hide my profile on Meetme?
  15. How Do you Unblock People on Meetme?
  17. MeetMe Login Issues
  18. Apps Like Meetme – Meetme Alternatives
  19. Conclusion
  20. Over To you

Hence, to be realistic, Meetme Registration or Meetme sign-up is in no way a hard thing to do. Furthermore, if you signed up for a Facebook account, then, you are in, for a similar exercise.

However, to Register Meetme Account you will need an internet connection enabled on whichever device you are creating a Meetme account with.

MeetMe Dating App and Site – What you Need to Know

Thus, when you Sign up for a Meetme account. No doubt, you can chat, meet friends, and new date partners. Importantly, you can start a new romantic relationship with a beautiful babe or a cute dude.

Thus, on the Meetme app and dating platform, guys – they exist all manner of beautiful ladies with your desired looks; dark, light skin, brown, chocolate, blonde, and even milky good-looking babes.

Above all, they are also charming, sexy, and intelligent women on the portal that can hold conversations that interest you. Thus, conversion like football, movies, top celebrities, politics, money-making, sex, and homemaking.

For ladies, on the Meetme relationship portal, they exist cute dudes with six-packs, tall-dark & handsome. More so, you can also find huge with a broad chest and hairy body dude. In detail, they are also beards guys with a mustache and fascinating facial looks.

That said, if you talk about color, they exist different complexions like white, dark, chocolate, and blonde. Finally, they are guys on the Meetme dating app willing to spend on ladies provided they find you attractive and fascinating.


Thus, still not convinced, about dating on Meetme, here is what the Meetme app/site team and developers / (The Meet Group) themselves said about the Meetme dating platform…

“Every month we help millions of users find connection and community within our portfolio of mobile apps and services such as; MeetMe, Lovoo, Skout, Tagged and GROWLr”.


“A sense of belonging isn’t optional – it completes us. Every aspect of human life is enhanced by meeting great new people – whether as a casual, fun encounter, a lasting romance, or any of the infinite ways people choose to come together.


And no matter who or where you are, anticipating a new connection is exciting and brings you just a little more alive”.

In sum,

The Meet Group understands this innate human truth and is passionate about using innovation to bring people together in new and better ways.


Always pushing forward with new apps, engagement-driving features, and the smartest science, The Meet Group will continue to drive exciting new ways to satisfy the universal human need for connection”.


On MeetMe you can…

– Video chat with local people
– Chat with new people near you and around the world
– Livestream and feel the love
– Find people who share your interests”

Login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme Account – How to Register on Meetme Dating App/site for a New User

In the meantime, let’s get down to the account sign-up basics. To start with, online dating is for everyone from any ethnic group or any nationality. But not for all ages.

That is to say, if you are below the age of dating, to be specific 16 years in my opinion. Then, you have nothing to do with new users’ registration on the Meetme dating site.

However, you can sign up on Meetme if you are below 16 years for the sole purpose of connecting with new people and making friends on social chatting channels.

Here is a complete guide for creating a Meetme account.

How to Create a New Meetme Account

Remember, you need to be connected to the internet to enroll for a Meetme new user account. That said, the signup method is for people creating a Meetme account from a web browser; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, Edge browser, or just any browser. To join Meetme;

  • Open your browser
  • Visit Meetmee Registration Page at
  • Below the page, navigate and click on the “Sign up Free” Button.
  • Key in your First Name and Last Name
  • Type in your Email and Password
  • Hover over the location and chose your Location
  • Scroll down and select Gender
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Next, click on the “Make friends” button.
  • That’s all you need to enlist on Meetme. Thus, you can start chatting, gossiping, flirting, dating, and connecting with friends. Most importantly, in a new romantic relationship.

MeetMe Sign Up with Facebook – How to Sign Up for a Meetme Account Using your Facebook Profile

Mindfully, you don’t need to panic by Signing up for a Meetme account with your Facebook account or profile. As a result, it’s the simplest signup method.

More so, your Facebook info is secured. And your Facebook friends won’t know you joined an online dating platform either. In other words, Meetme account registration for new subscribers with the Facebook profile only requires you to be logged in to your Facebook account.

That’s all. You don’t need to fill in information about yourself. Your Facebook Profile page details will be extracted and used as your Meetme profile bio or avatar.

Register MeetMe with Facebook Account – The Easiest Way for a New Meetme Subscriber

You will either need a Meetme app or use your web browser to access the Meetme website or portal. Whichever way, it’s easy as ABCD. To sign on, follow our guide below;

  • Open Meetme App or open a web browser
  • Visit Meetme Registration Page at
  • On the home page, you will come in contact with “Meet, chat has fun with new people – free. Thus, overlook that, navigate to the section that says “New to Meetme” beside it click on the “Quick Sign up with Facebook” button.
  • Finally, a new browser tap will pop up, click on continue as your Facebook account name to create Meetme and login with your Facebook profile

MeetMe Login – Log in on Meetme – How to Logon on Meetme Account

Now, that you have created a Neetme account, the next thing is to log in or gain access using your Meetme account login credentials. That is, your username and password.

Furthermore, you can gain entry to meet me from an Android, iPhone, iPad, PC; or Desktop computer. Both on Windows and macOS. Though, after you created an account, you are to be automatically logged in.

However, in the event, you did Meetme sign out, or you want to sign in from another device. Indeed, you will need to follow the below instructions to do Meetme login and connect or link to your account.

  • Visit or open the meet me app
  • Go to Meetme Login Page or click Here Mobile phone users Click Here to penetrate.
  • Enter your Email
  • Key in your login password
  • Hit on the “Login” Button

Meetme Download – How to download MeetMe Mobile App

Hence, how about using the MeetMe mobile app. Truly, you don’t have to be glued to your desktop computer; windows, or Mac anymore.

That is to say, with the mobile version of Meet me, you can chat, talk, share, and connect with friends and loved ones on the Meet me dating and relationship tool/software

Therefore, the Android version of the Meet me app is available on the Google Play store for download following the below instructions. Better still, click on this Download Meet me Android Mobile App link to go straight to the Play store app to download the software.

Meetme App Download Instructions

  1. Open Google play store.
  2. On the store, navigate to the search box.
  3. Click on the search box and key in the term “Meetme dating”.
  4. When the results appear, click on the result bearing the app name
  5. Tap on the download button
  6. Wait for the app to finish downloading.
  7. Next, go to your home screen and tap on the downloaded app to launch.
  8. Tap login, and start chatting and sharing. Amazingly, you can share images, videos, text chat, video calls, and voice call date partners.

Meetme Mobile App for iOS Devices – How to Download MeetMe App for Apple iOS Users – iPhone & iPad

Indeed, if you did follow the Android app download procedures above. Practically, it will be easy for you to download the Meet me dating iOS app for all Apple devices.

Thus, to download the iOS version of the Meet Me app, three things are involved. First, you will either download it using this link – Meet me Mobile App Download for Apple iOS Smartphones. Secondly, visit and click on the “Get it for iOS” link. Thirdly, follow the instruction below to download the app from the Apple app store.

Meet Me iOS Download Instruction

  • Visit the Appstore.
  • Click on the search box and enter the key phrase “Meet me Dating”.
  • On the result displayed, locate the result with the app name and click on the app.
  • Tap on the download/install button
  • Wait for the app download and installation to finish.
  • Launch and start your journey to your romantic relationship and lifestyle.

MeetMe APK Download

Above all, users who want to download the APK version of the Meetme app can do so through a third-party site. Thus, to download the Meet Me online APK file, go to and search for Meetme APK. Next, when the result appears, click on the site and navigate to the download section to download the APK on your mobile phone.

MeetMe Account Recovery – Forgot Password – Password Reset

In case of a forgotten password, or you want to recover your Meet my online account – do that by tapping on the Forgot Password link found on the member login page and entering your email.

Thus, a confirmation code will be sent to your email address, copy the code and paste it into the forgotten password space and click submit and your Meetme online account is recovered. That’s how easy it is to reset the Meetme password.

Meetme Logout – Meet Me Sign out

Thus, in the event you want to sign out from your Meetme online account, you can just click on the profile icon and tap on the sign me out button to do a Meetme logout.

Meetme Profile Search – How Do I find my Boyfriend/Girlfriend on Meetme – How to find your Fiancé on Meetme – How to Search for people on Meetme

With all said, you can search people’s profiles on meet me an online dating website using their names, email, or their account username. That is if you know their profile. That’s the quickest way to connect with people – through the Meet me quickly search on the Meet me website when logged in.

Sadly, the search feature disappeared as far back as 2018. Nevertheless, we got something for you… Here is it.

To be clear, Meet Me doesn’t have the search feature to look for a specific profile anymore, as mentioned.

While the above may be true, if you have messaged someone earlier on, you can search for that person’s profile in your messages. Here is how to click on the message. Then, click on the profile, and voila.

More so, if you’re looking for online people then you’ll need to go to the ‘meet’ portion of the site/mobile app. Thus, navigate to the page-top for the meet icon. There, you’ll see people that have been online recently and people that are online now.

That said, you can search for people using their location, age, gender, and name on the app or Meetme online site. So, with the search feature, locate your marriage partner and even spouse.

Can I Hide my profile on Meetme? – How to Block People on Meetme

In brief, to hide your profile, simply go to the profile settings and click on privacy, and chose who you want your profile hidden from. Also, you can block people by clicking on the person’s profile and using the block account feature.

How Do you Unblock People on Meetme?

Furthermore, it’s that easy if you blocked your annoying boyfriend or girlfriend on the meet my website, don’t worry, you can easily unblock the person. Thus, the following guide will help you unblock blocked friends, Fiancée, or fiancé on the Meet me app. Here we go to Live. Open the Meet Me app>Go to your profile>Select Settings>Open Privacy and Content>Tap what users I have blocked>Tap that profile>Unblock user and confirm. That’s it. Done.


Sincerely, there is something left unsaid, even though the Meet Me app is free to download, there are in-app purchases like any other dating app. Thus, Meet Me credits are a virtual currency that lets you access premium features on your account. Therefore, these features allow you to meet people faster and increase your visibility on the app. That said, there are many uses for credits including a boost, match spotlight, and live feed spotlight.

Boost – This places you at the top of the Meet section to boost your visibility and popularity. This is the quickest way to get your profile viewed.

Match Spotlight – This increases the number of secret admirers you receive and boosts your visibility.

Live Feed Spotlight – This spotlights your live feed and increases the number of people seeing your posts. You will receive more comments on posts too.

If you need more info, you can check out the below YouTube video.

MeetMe Login Issues

In brief, if you have to meet me online login issues, challenges, or are unable to access or log in to your meet me account. It’s simple, click on the meet me FAQ or the account help button for assistance or call the users or customer care service line on the about or contact us page.

Apps Like Meetme – Meetme Alternatives

Comparatively, there exist other dating sites like or similar to Meet me when it comes to internet dating, socializing, networking, relationship, communities, and flirting. On point, apps like POF, Skout, Emilydates, Hinge, eHarmony, Scoop, singles only, Zoosk, and JDate. More so, we have alternative dating apps and a site like;


In all we’ve said, don’t forget that you need to do Meetme Sign up to become a registered member before you can get matched with a dating partner. Moreover, you can try other online dating service portfolios like Skout, Tagged, Lovoo, or Hi5. For new members, you might need dating tips to start up on a good radar with a new date of your interest.

In truth, it helps to create a good rapport and fun-filled discussion with a new partner even when live videoing. That reminds me, you can access Meet me in different languages and different countries.

Over To you

Conclusively, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful if proved otherwise. Thus, if there is a fact or info you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe, a question. Best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal, use the comment box below. I am delighted to hear from you.

Please, just one more thing, if you know a friend this post will be helpful to “Login to Meetme or Sign Up for a Meetme account – Online dating and relationship platform for singles; men & women of like interests. Be it, on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc. Don’t forget to use the share button below, remember, when you help a friend, a whole community benefits.

How to Recover Delete Meetme Account?

Do you know how to recover a deactivated Meetme account? Well, it will impress you to know about it in this content. Just follow the guide serially to have indebted knowledge on how to get back your lost Meetme account.

Moreover, Meetme is a dating site that will take nothing from you. Also, you can still access it with Meetme mobile app. The account was deactivated because you choose to trash it. However, you have always been in our minds and we are much happier to receive you back. But if you uninstalled the app without revoking a deletion we are glad to announce that your account is still accessible.

Then you simply key on Meetme sign-in page to sign in to the account with your login details.  But if peradventure it refuses to sign in, then, try to reset your password with an email address or Facebook,

How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account?

  1. Open your web browser and log onto
  2. enter the login details of your Meetme account,
  3. and if the password is invalid simply tap on forgotten password”
  4. login on the registered email address to get OTP sent,
  5. quickly copy and paste the code,
  6. check through and choose a new password,
  7. tap on submit,

You can as well check to know if the new password is functional, with that I believe we should be progressing with another way to recover a deleted Meetme account,

How to Recover Meetme with Phone Number?

The guides listed down are steps you must take to recover Meetme with phone number simply,

  • enter their official website,
  • key in with the password you can’t recall if it is pronounced invalid then click on forgotten password,
  • a new page will come out for mobile phone numbers/ Facebook email addresses,
  • put in any one of them that is still active,
  • then go to your phone number or email to get a code,
  • enter the confirmation code that was sent,
  • and now you can log in,

However, the email address is necessary to recover the Meetme account. So, if you misplace the email address and  the Meetme account, that means you can’t have access to Meetme account except if you make a provision to create a new one,

And though you have the email address you can’t still link to it which means you will not be able to see the confirmation code.  For more inquiries please kindly put them down in the comment box below.

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