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Is Facebook App for Dating Available for All Facebook Users?

Is Facebook Dating App Available for all Facebook Users? This question is what users ask often as finding the Facebook App for dating on the Facebook platform is common why because Facebook has no headway or tips on how users can locate the dating app. The primary reason for this post is to share with you an easy and simple way to locate the Facebook App for Dating.

Facebook App for Dating

Facebook Dating App History

Recently, back 2018 Facebook launched an online dating platform called dating app, secrete crush, and dating Feature. Their primary goal is to provide users who are interested in hooking up with date mates online the easy access to an easy, free, and safe dating media like eHarmony, Elite Singles, Match, and other dating platforms. It’s no new news that many find it more confident and tension free chatting online with the opposite sex than a physical or face-to-face discussion. That alone is why many prefer to find a date online than physical hook up.

However, many find it difficult to access the dating app on the Facebook platform as the App may not be available in their country of residence or that they just don’t know how to access the App. To start using the Facebook DatingApp you will need to create a Facebook Dating profile different from your personal Facebook Account.

Facebook DatingApp Download

The Facebook DatingApp is available on the Facebook dating platform and can be accessed as a standalone App on different App stores. Like every other dating Apps and platform, Facebook helps its users to find love online. Here is how to download the Facebook DatingApp:

  • In your mobile phone, open an app store.
  • Locate the search bar in the App Store and search for “FacebookDating”.
  • If the App is available for your country or region, the App will appear.
  • Click on the App icon and tap install.
  • Wait for the App download to finish, now launch and start using the App.

NOTE: the Facebook DatingApp is available for only Android and iOS users and cannot be accessed current with a web Browser though that depends on your country of residence.

Facebook Dating Profile

Like I said before to access the Facebook datingApp you will need to create a dating profile. The dating profile is what gives you access to the dating App. With the profile, you get suggested to people and as well other dating profile holders can see your profile either like or comment to hook you up. To register for the dating profile visit with your web browser and follow the onscreen instructions to create a dating profile.

 How to Locate Facebook App for Dating

It makes no sense that you are aware that Facebook has a dating App available for its users and then you can’t access it. Though access the App for some people is usually a bit challenging but not any more if you carefully follow the below instructions.

  • With your device go to
  • Using the search bar, locate the datingApp with the key term “Facebook DatingApp”.
  • Click on the most likely icon that looks like an official Facebook datingApp and start hooking with people of the same interest.

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