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Dating App for College Students: Best Dating App List

Most college students have proven more interest in using an online dating app than physical hookups. That is why a quite good number of app developers looked into how they can maximize the online dating interest of college students. Thus,  app developers are making good dating apps that can help college students find love or date partners on the internet at no cost.

These apps invest effort in creating an algorithm that seeks to match two perfectly knitted partners together on the basis of interest, age, locations, and other demographic insight or features. This gave rise to different Dating App for College Students.

Dating App for College Students

Often, people confess that they talk comfortably while chatting online.  Most college students find it difficult to leave the shore of their homes and schools. The little fact still remains that with a dating app for college students you can find love, long-term relationship, and even a prospective partner on a dating platform. Who knows, your perfect partner is waiting already for you on some dating platform.

Best Dating App for College Students

College students undergo several activities. In the same vein, in the bid to make an excellent result, they are shut off from hanging out with friends. Most are restricted from joining physical social circles where they will have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. But all of that can happen with a good dating app. Some of these apps are so good so much so that you can date a mate 100km away from your location. Here is the list of the best dating apps:


The Tinder app is an online dating application for Android and iOS (and possibly others that I’m unaware of) that allows the user to look at pictures of other users and then either “like” them, “super like” them, or ignore them.

If the user ignores, nothing really happens. If the user likes, it presents you with one of two scenarios: 1: the other person ignores you. 2: the other person likes you back. If 2, you and that person might engage in a conversation (leading to a date?) or sometimes copulation.


Friendsy is a major alternative for tender only for college students. The dating platform is for those who want to date college ladies with profile information of their college and a lot more other personal details.


Hinge is for college students approaching their finals.  Thus, Hinge makes it easier for students on finals who has tried a lot of school dating that resulted in nothing to try something new on online dating platforms. See long term relationship with Hinge dating App online.


Happn is an online dating app and web app kind of. Users on the platform can like each other and if interested can chat and from there start a dating relationship. Basically, Happn matches users based on location and people that have come in contact with each other in one way or the other.

Best Dating Apps for Relationships

You might want to know why I needed to list a relationship dating app. Sometimes college dating apps might not be cool for random dating. This is so as many might be looking for different qualities and people with real-life experience outside the college. Here is a list of relationship dating apps:

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is one of the best dating platforms online. The dating app algorithm goes beyond matching people based on looks. Which is the image uploaded on the platform to using other compatibility text like personality, interest, and other qualities?


eHarmony is another supper notch online dating platform. This is, it’s algorithm also match partners based on a series of question they provided during registration on the platform. The purpose of the questions is to prime out the compatibility ratio of every individual on their platform.  So as to carry out perfect matching.