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Free Dating App on Facebook | How to use Facebook Dating – Dating App Feature

Facebook is the leading social media network. Facebook is always adding new free features on their Facebook web platform. They are always enhancing connectivity among friends & family. With the newly introduced Free Dating App on Facebook feature users stand to enjoy an environment of endless dating relationships at no cost.

Facebook Dating App feature has made online dating and relationships a little bit easier and more fun. Down the line, I will share some amazing features of the dating App.Free Dating App on Facebook


Free Dating App on Facebook allows people who have an account with Facebook to locate people they can date. Though many still view online dating as a harmful venture with lots of disadvantages. And the truth remains – everyone on Facebook might not like the idea of dating on the platform. However, a good number of users are ready to date. So with the App, you can navigate your way too willing users and hook up with them anywhere in the world.

Facebook Dating App Feature

Facebook’s primary aim of introducing a Dating features is to help singles who are looking for dates find one on the platform. The dating feature was introduced by Facebook long ago as a sub-feature of the parent feature. Currently, as we speak lots of Facebook users are using the dating features to their advantage.

How to Locate Facebook Dating App

Locating the free dating app on Facebook is very easy. The best way to find the App is by using the search bar on the Facebook platform. Here is how to go about locating the dating App feature on Facebook.

  1. Firstly, On your device, visits
  2. Sign in to access your account.
  3. When logged in, click on the search bar.
  4. Enter the search term “Dating”.
  5. A search result will be shown, click “Apps” or look under a displayed dropdown arrow and locate the “App link”.
  6. Tap on the App link to filter your search and narrow it to Apps similar to dating.
  7. Lastly, Hit the “Use now” icon beside the App and enjoy the fun of hooking up with users of your choice and even people in your locality. That’s if people in your community or locality are using the free dating app on Facebook.

In Sum

Using the dating feature not only connects you to lovely dates but one that can lead to marriage if well handled.

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