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Twitter Account | How to Create Twitter Account

Spread your communication across the world with a Twitter account. Let your friends and followers know what you feel, retooled with about 140 character messages to communicate. Your tweets are archived for you too. Join the conversation now by creating a Twitter account now.

Twitter Account
Twitter Account


How to Create Twitter Account

  • Go to and Sign Up – use your name, your email, and a password.
  • Join Twitter – Complete the form by entering your name, your email, a password, and a Username.
  • Click the “Create my account” button
  • Click “Next”
  • Build your timeline –  twitter asks you to follow 3 people from a selection it gives you.
  • Build your Timeline 2. Twitter will then ask you to follow 5 more, and then 5 people you know.
  • Confirm email
  • Add character. Upload your profile image.
  • Upload header
  • Add website
  • Add your bio
  • Facebook – “Twitter allows you to post your tweets directly to your Facebook page
  • Click “Save Changes” to see your completed Twitter pry, click on “Me” in the top header.

Twitter Account Features

  • Tweets: These are 140 character posts and updates you make. There is also an archive of every Tweet you have ever made. You see can see both your own tweets and other users’ tweets. Twitter aids in Scanning through another user’s recent tweets.
  • Home or Feed: This is a chronological collection of Tweets made by the Twitter users you follow. User can catch up daily and see what are saying. Search for interesting, timely conversations, and get involved.
  • Notification: It is a list of activities related to your Twitter account including mentions, newest followers, tweets, likes, and additional to public lists. Get to see who is listening to what you have to say, acknowledge them, post relevant content for your followers.
  • Messages: This is your inbox for direct messages. Direct messages are 140 characters long given and can be sent privately to Twitter users who are following your account. Think of them as private tweets. It is a great way to follow up with someone if they have a question or inquiries about your company that doesn’t need the whole world watching.
  • Following: This is a process of following people or other users of Twitter. Clicking on the follow button on another user’s profile is a bit like subscribing. Every time they tweet, you will see it in your feed. Find d influential people in your industry and keep tabs on what they have to say. When you follow them, they might be interested in following you too.
  • Followers: This is the list of people who follow you. Each time your tweets for the public everyone gets to find, your followers will see your tweets in their feed. This is your core Twitter audience. If they like what you tweet, they will engage and retweet thereby spreading your messages and brand.
  • Likes: This feature shows all the tweets you have liked. To like a tweet, you have to click on the small heart icon. When one likes a tweet is a great way to acknowledge another user’s message. It is also a great way to get noticed by potential followers. When you constantly like their tweets, they will notice and may take an interest in learning more about you.
  • Retweets: A tweet is a reshare of the original Tweet. Clicking the small cycle icon will reshare that tweet to your original followers. This is a great way to endorse another user’s idea massage. This is one strength of twitters ability to spread information around the world in seconds.
  • Pinned Tweets: pin one of your tweets to the top of your profile so it stays visible, even as you post new tweets. Pin tweet that people need to see, it may be important information you want your people to see.
  • Tweet Alerts: get notified on your phone when someone tweets. You can enable and disable this at your will. One can activate this by going to the profile of the account to set up.
  • Night mode: This a theme that turns the light and brightness of the screen of the home page in the night to dark blue, thereby changing back to night mode and to daylight mode.

Twitter Account Benefits

  • Using a Twitter account to post daily life allows friends and family members to stay connected. Posting and sharing topics of interest, therefore, allowing those close to  them to feel connected on a daily basic
  • The Twitter account enables people to stay informed such as local reporters, businesses, politicians and private citizens who post information about the community allows followers to keep in touch with current events. Community posts often include traffic reports, weather, local news, special events, restaurant reviews, and other information useful to locals and visitors alike. National and world events, from sports and entertainment to major breaking news, draw a lot of attention from Twitter users.
  • Promotion and outreach – Individuals, businesses, and organizations can use Twitter for the promotion of their business, drawing attention to events, raising awareness about their products and services, and creating a “buzz” around their brands.
  • Research – Many Twitter users, have to use the platform to have taken advantage of the wide range of businesses, expertise, opinions, and knowledge easily accessed on Twitter. Simply search Twitter posts to find informal reviews on products or services. You can engage with people in real-time about topics of mutual interest.
  • Bloggers use Twitter to promote their blogs
  • Twitter can be used to promote advanced business.

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