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Twitter Video Ads Campaigns | How to Set Up Twitter Video Ads Campaigns

Video is today’s internet space occupier. In 2018 it was predicted that video will consist of 70 to 80% of the world’s internet content by 2020. According to twitter finding videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos. Twitter Video Ads Campaigns makes up about 21.4% of Twitter’s advertising revenue.

Twitter Video Ads Campaigns

You might want to ask “Of all ads content and forms why videos?” The answer is simple; Videos are remarkable and impressive way to call out your customers emotion and filled them with some extra vibe using your Twitter posts which at the end leaves them with the appetite of embracing your ideology, advocating your brand, product and service and of course a call to action to patronizing your products and services.

That is to say; Twitter video ads to a great extent increase awareness, engagement, traffic and keep users informed and enlightened about a particular product, services or company. There are two major types of Twitter Video Ads Campaigns formats; Promoted videos and pre-roll ads.

How to create a compelling twitter video Ads Campaigns

Yes, we know that Twitter video ads are an efficient way to drive traffic and put your products and services out there, but that doesn’t mean that any video goes or can achieve great results or meet up with your market target or audience. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are geared towards creating a compelling twitter video Ads that can meet up your market target;

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Keep it Short and Captivating

Users get bored easily when a is lengthy and such videos tend to disengage users interest in whatever thing you will say, by statistical analysis about 70 to 85% users watch full video when it’s 30 seconds or even less, but if need be you go beyond 30 seconds make your message clear and know within the first 30 seconds.

Create Mobile-friendly Videos

Users that view ads videos are more of people using mobile phones, by statistics about 80% of Ads Videos viewed on a daily basis are viewed through mobile phones. So make your video compatible with mobile devices.

Make it Engaging

Though we understand that your type of video lies in your marketing goals and targeted customers. But you need to also know that different video types are more virtually engaging to others. We will show you in a few minutes different types of videos that are highly engaging.

Types of Videos to Create on Twitter

Here are some types of videos you can create to launch your Twitter Ads Campaigns, depending on what you want to advertise on Twitter;

Live Tweet; this expresses the highlight of an event, meeting or conference. A one-sentence video does a better job as regard live tweets.

Live Promotions; maybe you want to promote a product or value you can record a short voice with a background of what you are promoting directly to your Twitter feed on video. A video length of 15-30 seconds is a good idea.

How-to Videos; a very short video of gif will do the work perfectly, just make it clear, simple and followed in steps.

Educative; maybe you offer a service or you want to let out to potential customers what your company offers, or stand for, then you need a video that explains every single detail of what you offer. Keep it clear and very engaging.

Product and Service; don’t confuse this with educative videos both are not the same. A product and service video stands to enlighten customers not just on the product you offer but goes beyond articulating who can use the product, the problem it solves, how to use the product, where to buy it, the cost, a contact address if need be you want more inquiries and a testimony from users that have used the products.

How to Set Up Twitter Video Ads Campaigns

Setting up a Twitter Video Ads Campaign is easy and simple, and you can do it using any device; a PC or mobile devices. Here are easy steps you must follow to set up a Video Ads campaign;

  • Create a Twitter Ads account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Sign in to your Twitter Ads account with your login details.
  • At the top right side of your Ads manager Tap “Create campaign”.
  • From the list of campaign objectives Select  “Promoted video views”.
  • You will be directed to the  “Details” tab setup form, things to do here; (1) Name your campaign, (2) Choose your funding source, and (3) Set your campaign dates and budget.
  • The next thing to do; is to set up your first ad group. Ads group start and end time can be set by you.and that is if you choose to.
  • Select the bid type to use in your campaign; scroll down this page to see bid type and how to know the one you should choose.
  • Select the bid unit to use in your campaign; also scroll down to see how bid unit functions and the unit to choose.
  • Choose your audience the people you want your Ads to reach the “Targeting” tab of campaign setup. You can learn more about targeting options here.
  • Make your choice of Tweets in your campaign. you can also customize the Twitter locations.
  • The final stage before launching your Ads is the Review campaign set up on the “Review & Complete” tab.
  • Create your Promoted video campaign using the launch button.

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