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Social Customer Care | Why Marketers Should Care

Customer care can be used to win loyal customers into brand or product advocates without the use of promo or discount to incent them to share or advocate for your brand. When social customer care is employed in your marketing, your focal point will be on how to satisfy a first-time customer so as to turn them into a loyal customer that goes about telling everyone about your brand.

Social Customer Care

The outcome of providing this level of customer service using social customer care is that your company or brand stands out as different from the rest. Thereby giving your company an upper hand over many other brands. In the marketing world, it’s a leverage factor.

What is Social Customer Care

Social Customer Care is providing the necessary support and response to customers’ plight and questions through social media channels or platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp group, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This means of customer relationship is very important over phone calling because when a company provides satisfying social customer service, a relationship is built not just with a customer, but as well with every active customer in that social channels who views the company’s interaction.

Ways to Enhance Customer Service Using Social Customer Care

Using social media channels to keep customers informed of important or timely messages about your company, product, services or the current changes is a way to offer proactive customer service. Here we are going to be showing you how you can improve your customer service and support using some social media platforms;


YouTube is one of the most useful virtual media channels for answering customers’ frequently asked questions and also create “How to Videos” that takes customers on step by step process of your company, product, or services works.

One important thing you should know about YouTube videos is that it offers a remarkable SEO and marketing because they show offer answers online and demonstrate great uses of your product. Our recommendations would be to turn your customer’s most frequently asked questions into a YouTube playlist on your channel.

You should be able to use YouTube videos to address the questions people ask all the time on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

NOTE; “How-to videos” on YouTube are very important and crucial for technical equipment or products that require assembly because of its self-service option to the customer.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups are another way to proffer efficient customer service. In groups, social and interactive experience is achieved which is also marketing.

Your brand advocates and ambassadors could be part of your LinkedIn group, and most times it’s a good place to engage and support other customers without the companies awareness. Also, it fosters idea sharing and contributions.

Mobile Apps

I know the history of creating an app used to cost thousands of dollars, but you can develop one yourself at a very little cost. A service like “GoodBarber” costs just $30 per month to create a company app. Apps can also provide a good customer service experience.

How to Respond to Positive and Negative Comment on Social Media Channels

First, you need to know that timing is important in delivering satisfying customer service. The moment somebody posts a comment about your business, company, service, or product on social media platforms, most importantly when it’s a negative comment, you need to respond or reply back in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

How to Deal with Positive Comment

Whenever a positive comment is made don’t ignore it, you also need to respond back.  If someone says something nice about your company, product, or service reply back by saying “Thank you” When people roll out a nice compliment their expectations are that you take recognition of it and appreciate them in return. That way you encourage other people to say more nice things.

How to Deal with Negative Comment

When you reply to a negative post, start by thanking the customer for letting you know and apologize for any inconvenience they might have experienced. Sometimes depending on the issue or the magnitude of the post, you might need to engage the person in a direct message or private chat in other to resolve the issue without creating unnecessary attention in the group.

If need be you can move the conversation to a different channel, a telephone might come in handy. But after the issue is resolved, go back to the online platform, public group or review page and thank the person openly with good remarks.