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SEO | 4 Mindset of an SEO Expert (Go from Beginner to an Expert)

You hear many people say that SEO takes months and even years to gain results. Some end up in frustration after many years of effort and application of all the tactical method to ranking on a search engine they’ve come across online.


SEO | 4 Mindset of an SEO Expert (Go from Beginner to an Expert)

The question is how long does it take to be good at SEO and to see traffic and traction on your website?

Here is the gist—-

Yes, SEO is no longer a game of hit quick and succeed (No longer quantity but quality). It’s a long-term strategy that needs patience, consistency, and hard work with time in other to rank on a search engine.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a result the first one to three months your blog is launched. You can but it is dependent on some factors; your industry (size), and keywords competition.

With all this you have said, how do I rank on Google and gain traffic in 30- 90-days?

Before we delve into that, let’s make you think like an SEO expert. (The mindset of an SEO).

I will talk about some mindset you need to drop, in other to land huge results in a few months even as a beginner in SEO.

Here are a few mindsets you need to layoff;

Don’t Limit SEO to just Content and Links (there is more to have a good content and Link Building)

Yes, to rank number one on Google there are several things you need to do. Which writing a thorough and lengthy content and building backlinks is one of those factors. But it doesn’t just end.

A result showed that an average organic webpage that ranks on Google’s first page contains about 1,890 words at a minimum.

It’s good to know that – the quality and worth of your content are measured by the number of websites that are linked to it.

This means that CONTENT and LINKS are the big guys. But that is not all.

What else do I need to rank fast on search engines?

I’m not trying to downplay the major role content and links play in ranking on Google’s top page.

SEO industry graded “page-level links” and “domain level links” as the two major vital factors that affect rankings.

Hang on, I will introduce you to other SEO factors that guarantee your ranking fast within the first one to three months of your journey in SEO.

The Bad News

Before now, back then in 2010, you can stuff a lot of keywords on your content and your Meta description and Google will rank in a matter of days or few months.

The game has changed as the internet got noisier and populated with a lot of content.

Yes, back then from 2010 to 2013 you can still stuff keywords and build few links to your web pages and still rank on Google.

But as more business go digital the web got overly populated and everyone’s intention and driving force became content marketing.

Let’s analyze Google Ranking strategy from 2007 to 2017

2007 to 2010, you could just create lines of words or sentences that don’t even make meaning and stuff keywords in its body, title and Meta description and you can rank on Google.

2010 to 2013, you just need to create slightly good content, build a few links and Google will rank you.

2013 to 2017, create a lot of content, in here it was a quantity game, plus few social shares and build few natural links and Google front page becomes yours.

Here is the gist; by 2017 the game changed because the number of blogs grew to over a billion. Giving google choices of ranking.

Which now made them base which website or page to rank on some setting factors other than Content and Links

Are content and links important? Sure, but content and links alone don’t guarantee to rank.

The mindset of an SEO Expert

Every SEO expert thinks in these four ways……. Branding, good user experience (Value plus Appeal), backlinks (authentication of originality) and click-through rate (marketing tactics and audience captivation).

There few other factors that google checks to rank a webpage on their top page;

  • Brand
  • User experience/value
  • Inbound links/backlinks
  • Click-through rate


You need content and backlinks to rank on Google top pages, but if you are tactical enough, you will discover and apply other factors that most websites don’t give attention to. That Google uses to determine sites to rank on their top pages.