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SEO Tips | 7 Pro Tips to Rank on Google Top Page Within 30-90 days

I know you’ve heard that it takes time to rank on Google Search engine. I don’t argue that either. We all know that fact that ranking on Google’s top page is a long-term strategy that requires; patience, consistency, hard work and time. But with these 7 Pro SEO tips, you can rank on Google top page in 30-90 days.

But there are things you can do which many of your competitors are not doing that will help you outrank them.

Everyone on the web is struggling to create good content and build links but few know and apply what I am about to share with you in this post.

SEO Tips

Applying the 7 tactics I will expose you to, will guarantee your ranking within 30-90 days.

This tactic was used on my first blog ( to rank number one on Google within the first three months of my blog existence.

SEO Tact | 7 Pro Tips to Rank on Google Top Page Within 30-90 days

Also, a digital market expert Nail has as well used it for his popular ranking terms on Google top pages.

Let’s quickly move on to the tips……

#1: Link to your posts that are already ranking on Google top pages to boost the ranking

Whenever you want a quick win, link to some of your published high ranking pages on google. That way, the posts that are doing well will help juice up others. Then give it 30- 90 days and it will rank.

#2: Climb to Google Top page by expanding the key terms you are already ranked

Take your ranking pages and expand them. Maybe you wrote 2000 words content and you want that content to rank number one through other key terms aside from the primary keyword.


Head over to google type that keyword, scroll down the Google page result. Take the listed related result or key phrase google displayed and add them naturally to already ranking post.

You might need to create more headings that will naturally culminate that related keywords.

Expanding pages and blog posts that are already ranking increases your chance of gaining more traffic.

#3: Build a Brand (Be more brand-oriented)

According to nail, the feature of SEO is BRAND.

The ex-CEO of Google ones said that – Brands are the solution, not the problem. The brand is how you sort out the craps from the original.

When you go from just having a blog or website to building a brand. Google will pay attention to your blog post.

The Reason is Google is looking for ways to shuffle off fake news and information.

And it is believed that a person who has built a brand is more trusted and credible than someone who has not.

The more people search your brand on Google your site rankings will go up.

#4: Get a lot more People to Click to your pages already ranking on Google first page but not as number one nor even five

The next tactics are to optimize your Click-through-rate.

Get more people to click on your post, by optimizing your title tag and Meta description.

Use a more definite and catchy title tag. And as well write an appealing Meta description that connects with what your audience is searching for.

#5: Don’t Publish once and expect a continues traffic, Update your content at least 12 times in a year

Always update your old content. (the most ignored yet huge result-driven SEO tips)

People are popping out fresh content every day. And most industries are constantly changing the way things are done. Especially if you are in the DIGITAL MARKETING world.

Your content needs to always appear fresh, cos it helps your ranking stay steady, increase or even triple. It as well helps users and previous readers to always rush back to that post.

All you need to do is to always go to your post, check for what is outdated. It might be a link, a sentence, some statistics, and inference. Sometimes you might need to re-write the whole content.