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Inbound Links | 5 Techniques to Boost Your Blog SEO

Inbound Links are ways you can improve your search engine ranking. Inbound links are generated incoming links from related and authority websites that help list your webpage on the first page of Google.

Inbound Links

Since you don’t have control over your incoming links, here in this post I will show you seven techniques that can trigger huge inbound links. This brings tons of traffic and as well help you rank on search engine top pages.

Inbound Links | 5 Techniques to Boost Your Blog SEO with Inbound Links Building

#1: Create Viral Content (Sharable blog post)

I know you have probably heard that great content is the first requirement for search engine ranking. It is true and still will be even in years to come. But it’s not just any content or blog post that goes.

There are millions of blog posts published every day. Readers are already overwhelmed and want to read a valuable, relevant, creative, catchy, and easy to read and reader-friendly blog post or content.

Lots of Inbound links generation happens when you create a blog post people will share.

Write comprehensive and value-rich content.

Create a well thought out controversial viral posts that engage your audience.

Add a share button to your site for easy sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

#2: Guest Blogging

One known and huge inbound links generation techniques are writing guest posts on a website with high traffic and high rankings.

Offer to write a free post for a link back to your site.

You need not add your link to the author’s bio. You might need to target specific keywords on the body of the post and link a post deeply related to those keywords on your website.

Also, provide comments for existing posts on the forum website and share a more valuable link for more info if it will be permitted by the site owner. For instance forum like

#3: Link Out to Other Site

Don’t be an intermediate of losing your visitors to other websites if linked to them.

When you link out to other websites it helps both your visitors and Google.

Linking your blog post to a value page, content or blog create visitors’ satisfaction and makes your site reputable.

Linking to a relevant and authority site will boost your Google Ranking as well as provide readers with more depth in the subject.

#4: Share Press Releases

Press releases are key inbound link generator. You can generate huge incoming links to your website by sharing viral (trending) value content to others.

To write a press release, look for important news readers will view. Think and write like a reporter. Make your writing editing easy for better chances of publication.

#5: Build Strategic Internal Links

You can generate fresh inbound links by linking a fresh page or post with already Google high ranking pages.

Doing that will boost the search value of the fresh page.

Put effort into linking to other posts within your website. Not only does it give your visitors depth, but it also shows search engines the best-performing content to push up on their to page.

Inbound links building is a gradual process, and it takes time, consistency and a lot of testing to get to the top.

Ones your posts start appearing on search engine top pages people will perceive your brand as credible.