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Content Promotion | 12 Ways To Curate Viral Content That Lands Huge Social Engagement

Content promotion is an overwhelming and sometimes difficult task because you need to drive traffic to gain conversions, and where there’s no traffic there’re no conversions. That is why social media managers work so hard at content promotion and they do so by constantly being active in email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

Content Promotion

Content Promotion | 12 Ways To Curate Viral Content That Lands Huge Social Engagement

Do you look forward to promoting your blog? I’ll be sharing with you some strategies I’ve applied that really work in curating and promoting content.

#1: Create Great Contents

Create content that would entice your audience, they would love to share it amongst their friends and followers. Before posting your content you can review it and ask yourself a simple question like “would my audience love it”.

#2: Use Catchy Headlines

Your headline should be very catchy as much as possible as this attracts the attention of your audience when they see your post and also when they share it on their timeline for other users to view.

#3: Create Shareable Contents

Take the time to make research on the content users are most likely to gain their attention and are shareable. You can mix the contents to make it more interesting to users.

#4: Create Videos

Videos are powerful, you can try making short video clips on your content as most social media platforms make it easy to post and share videos.

#5: Use Infographics

Infographics is another way of gaining users’ attention. People love infographics because of their simplicity and ability to deliver multiple messages in just a single picture.

#6: Appreciate Your Sharers

Create time to thank those who share your post, status, and updates. This would go a long way in bonding the relationship between you and them.

#7: Mention An Influencer

If you need to reach out to an influencer, then mention them in your post. You can do this by re-posting either their quotes, article, videos, etc. And tag them in it. If you’re lucky, they can also share and comment on it and this would attract their followers to your blog.

#8: Use Paid Ads

Spending money on social media ads to promote your content isn’t such a bad idea. In most ways, it is highly effective and you can reach more audiences.

#9: Join Online Communities

You can search for online communities and groups where reasonable content is being shared and join in the conversation and provide your opinion on matters being discussed. By joining groups, forums, you make connections with a professional in your industry and also with your customers that’ll help bolster the relationship.

#10: Use Email Marketing

Emails are one of the best social channels to reaching your followers. Build your email lists and have a good amount of subscribers to whom you’ll be sending some content directly such as a newsletter, events, and promotions.

#11: Post Multiple Times

You can post multiple times on different social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These social media channels have billions of users on it and once your post gets in front of your audience. They can share it on their timeline and it reaches more audiences.

#12: Use a social media management tool

I’ll recommend Buzzsumo which is a powerful social media tool that allows you to see what contents are being shared on different social media channels. Also, Google Analytics provides an analysis of how your posts are shared, the number of engagements, how much time spent on it, etc.