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Social Media Marketing Strategy | 6 Effective Marketing Strategy Businesses Need in 2020

Social Media Marketing Strategy – with the growing number of social media networks users, it becomes vital for businesses to focus on how to connect with these growing numbers to grow their business.

A survey shows that Over 3 billion people use social media. An average user spends at least an hour on social media daily.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Three out of every five marketer or businesses drive traffic to website and product page with social media.

According to workstream statistics, 57% of consumers revealed that social media is the major influencer of their shopping.

91% of retail brands use at least 2 social media platforms. The total number of social media users grew by 320 million between September 2019 & October 2018.

By 2015 an estimate of $8.3 billion was generated from social media advertising.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling to turn your followers into a customer on social media pages?

Maybe you are finding it difficult to drive engagement with your social media posts on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Here is six effective marketing strategy to follow;

#1: Set Objective in your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Plan every stage of your social media marketing and create a workable plan that delivers your marketing goal.

Be clear on what you want to accomplish and do your home assignment like audience finding, (who are your target audience) social media tools that will aid your business progress and technologies to employ.

Also, create a marketing budget for your business.

#2: Create Content

You might have come across this saying; content is everything. This is through because if you don’t get to create content or posts that connect you and your potential customers, there isn’t going to be any substantial progress.

To create highly engaging content, be clear, go straight to the point and keep it brief yet compelling.

Use stories, and add visual representation like images and videos. The audience connects more with visual content than text.

#3: Choose a platform

By now you should have known your target audience if you did your home assignment in strategy #1.

The next question; in which social media channels are my target audience, client or customers located.

Every business has unique platforms that foster its growth.

For instance, not every business is on Facebook though it’s the largest platform for business promotion.

#4: Go for paid Ad

Ones you decide the best platform for your business is time to work.

Small, medium and big businesses are always on the fight for ad space and online presence on different social media platforms.

You will have to forcefully promote your posts, product, and service by employing a paid ad.

In this stage, you have to invest a lot of money. But I must tell you, don’t look out for ROI if you haven’t invested enough money needed.

One rule of social marketing is, give before you ask.

#5 Measure your Result

Now that you have a different social Ad running and by now you might have recorded a noticeable success depending on your ad or campaign objective.

It’s time to measure your performance and know if you are making progress or not. When you measure your performance use that data to compare to know what works and what doesn’t.

Most of the social channels have analytics tools that can help you keep track of your ad or campaign progress.

#6: Improve

The final marketing strategy is to improve your performance.

Optimize your ad result, use the information gathered with a platform analytics tool to improve on your result and be more effective. It is that easy. Thanks for your time. You can give us your question using our comment box.