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Types of Social Media Advertising | 6 Best Social Media Channels to Advertise

Types of Social Media Advertising – It’s no new news, for your brand, service or product to thrive in the business world today your company or advertising team must be customer-centric in driving sales. In building a successful online presence or brand you must put customers at the center of it all.

Types of Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising is a way marketers strategically place their ad content in front of the right users, using different social media channels with the ultimate goal; to increase brand awareness, create online followers, generate sales, and conversions. If you are a social media marketer your first weapon of ads targeting is arming yourself with the right user information.

Why Social Media Advertising

Why you need to take your brand to more audiences using social media platforms is because Social channels utilize user information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on interactions within a specific platform.

Social media advertising not only makes you visible to a large number of audiences but also a tool to move your brand to the next level. Your major goal as an advertiser is to reach people interested in your brand (potential customers) and to as well retain them.

The benefits of choosing the right social media channels for ads placement

Three things to be aware of while making a choice of social media platform to advertise;

  1. Not all social media channels roll out results the moment you place your ads on them, some bring ROI the moment your ads are published to the right audience while some platforms require notable lead time like “Content Marketing”.
  2. Other social media channels indulge advertisers in quick results but do not stay through on a daily base like “Influencer Marketing”.
  3. Many others can yield consistent results but requires a lot of time and effort like “AdWords”.

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Benefits Of Advertising On Social Media Platforms

  1. It increases brand visibility to a good number of audience.
  2. It creates brand advocates.
  3. It can double customer loyalty.
  4. It’s cost-effective.
  5. SEO ranking becomes easier.

Key Note

Before diving into Types of Social Media Advertising. Let’s do the first things first. Three things to take note of, these three things determine which social media channel to use for advertising;

  • Concentration.
  • Accessibility.
  • Engagement.

Ask yourself these three questions to help choose the best Types of Social Media Advertising;

  1. Where my target customers are most concentrated; usage, groups, pages etc.
  2. Where your target customers are most accessible ad targeting, most used media etc.
  3. Where are my target audience most actively engage with ads

Types of Social Media Channels for Ads Placement