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Facebook Ads | What Marketers Should Know

Facebook Ads – The growing number of Facebook users increase on a daily base. As of September 2018, Facebook released an official users statistics; it’s recorded that facebook houses about 2.2 billion monthly active users.

Facebook Ads

Such massive audience would probably be the best place to put up your business advert, but with millions of post and content unleashed on Facebook feeds in a matter of seconds makes it difficult to keep your content from been flipped out on Facebook feeds. This alone makes it very clear that the organic use of Facebook isn’t going to make your business visible to the right audience. That is where Facebook ads can be leveraged for a better result.

Why Advertising on Facebook?

With Facebook ads features such as micro-targeting that gets you faster in front of your target users with precise targeting options by behaviors, interest,  demographics, location (countries, states, cities and even zip codes), gender, and age, life events, and a lot more other targeting options.

You sure know that your content will not only get to the right audience but people with the likelihood to purchase your products or services.

Let’s hit the point, the good thing about Facebook is that you pay only to reach potential customers. which is why the Facebook platform is the best place for marketers to place ad content, especially marketers that want to reach a large number of people.

How Facebook Ads Work

Here we are going to take you on short but insightful details on how Facebook ads work. First, before you talk about ads on facebook you must take recognition of advertising space. You probably don’t know what that means, since you are a marketer facebook ads runs on a limited advertising space, what this means is that Facebook is always on lookout on ways to effectively allocate their ads space to advertisers, because of this limited ads space advertisers compete among themselves on who wins the thousands of mini auctions facebook rolls out every second, you can only be charged and your ads published to your chosen audience when you win an auction. There are four basic things you must do to create an effective Facebook ad;

  • Draft out your business goal; it should be the reason why you’re running the ad.
  • Decide your target audience; understanding of whom you want your ad to reach.
  • Set a budget; a daily, monthly or yearly budget for your ad.
  • Get your ad content ready; text, Photos or videos to feature in your ad.

What Makes up an Ad

  • Ad Creative: these are text and images that convey your message to your audience.
  • Targeting: people you intend to reach with your ad.
  • Placement: where your ad will be displayed.
  • Bid: how much you would want to pay for your ad to be launched.
  • Budget: the total amount for the ad campaign.
  • Schedule: the duration or how long your ad will run.

How Much does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook?

Well, there is no fixed ads cost, the cost of an ad is determined by several factors such as the country, audience, the type of ad, and the level of excellence on the ad.

Let’s take, for instance, United State as a country that has the highest Facebook ads competition, to reach audience there is costlier than some other countries, but even at that, some people in some states are much more costly to reach than other states. So you just have to test to know which one works out for your business.

Infant Facebook advertising has to do more with testing. Trying out what seems to work and adapt as you record your success stories.


Ads placement on Facebook is very important to expanding your business reach and creating an online presence on social media channels. More to what we have said, as a digital marketer facebook ads can help increase brand awareness, generate leads, conversion (users into a customer) and even to the point of turning an already converted customer into brand advocates. In sum, Facebook is an essential tool to grow your business from any level you are to where you did want to be.

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