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YouTube SEO Tools | 6 Free Tools to Improve YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube marketing is worth investing time – just as you know effective YouTube marketing start with knowing and using the right YouTube SEO tools. SEO tools help your videos meet up with search trends, and as such makes your video discoverable when users search for content related to your video.

YouTube SEO Tools | Improve Video Optimization

Here in this post, I will help you optimize your YouTube videos for user search intent with some little-known best YouTube SEO tools and tips.

YouTube SEO Tools

1. Google Trends

Expand your YouTube video top with Google Trends.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Key in your target topic
  • Specify ‘YouTube Search
  • Pick a geographical region and category
  • Finally, choose a period to narrow down your search results.

Tips: Google Trends also offers a list of related searches for every topic, with maps that highlight audience interest across regions.

2. Google Ads

The next SEO tool you need to find the perfect keyword for your video is a free Google tool called Google Ads’ Keyword Planner. With a topic in mind, you can run raw keyword research to identify search terms and queries with the highest potential.

Keyword Planner is the best accurate tool you can trust because all the information published is coming directly from Google.

How it works:

Bunch of keyword ideas based on your main keyword topic or phrase, search settings, and filters. It can help you see the average monthly searches and competition to single out the best keyword to go for.

3. Rank Tracker

First Rank tracker is a YouTube built-in tool for keyword ideas. It can be used to discover keyword ideas from YouTube’s suggestions and highlights important metrics, such as search volume, expected visits, competition, etc. having this information will help you optimize for a given key phrase.

More to what this tool can accomplish – Rank Tracker also checks your YouTube ranking, and shows the keywords that deliver video results in featured snippets.

Tips: Go for keywords with the highest search volume – those are most likely to help you rank in organic search.

4. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a YouTube SEO software that helps you optimize your video Meta description within forty-eight hours after your video goes live.  If you don’t keep to this time in optimizing your Metadata YouTube algorithm considers your video less-timely which can affect the number of people that get to see your content.

With the TubeBuddy tool (browser extension) you can do channel maintenance, optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, cards and more.

TubeBuddy also provides the right and YouTube recognized optimization tips and suggestions for boosting your channel’s growth. More to that – the tool can provide automated checks to ensure that your videos are running correctly. Thereby ensuring you are within video recommended guidelines.

5. VidIQ

VidIQ (browser extension) shows your vital statistics for all the YouTube videos you open – you tend to have effortless competitor research and advanced analytics for every video you can find.

This tool helps you identify and match YouTube’s best performing videos against each other. More to that – you can add competitors’ channels, and compare them against your own. Which in turn helps to boost your video performance by applying what they are doing right.

Tips: Set up email alerts to keep an eye on trending topics within your field and your competitors’ channels.

More to that – you can enhance your outreach, by the use ‘Facebook Syndication’ feature, and share your video instantly across platforms. Cross-posting might hurl you down be careful.

6. Awario

User engagement remains the number one ranking factor on YouTube. So keeping track of your ranking with the right YouTube SEO tools is a necessity.

With a social monitoring tool like Awario, fetching mentions of your video and keywords is made easy – you can simply enter your video’s URL to set up an alert, and collect linkless mentions that are already a ranking signal for Google.

For more specific queries, you can try a Boolean search – configure a targeted search to collect existing mentions and identify new link sources.

Add specific search operators, combine groups of keywords, apply additional language or country filters, and much more.

Views, likes, comment and subscriber counts, including new subscribers, are all ranking factors – some more than others. Comments, however, are of particular interest as they speak volumes of user engagement.

You can Like and comment directly from Awario’s dashboard to ensure that none of your audience’s feedback remains unaddressed.

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