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Social media customer complaints | How to deal with customer’s complaints

Social media customer complaints – The easiest place customers go in search of satisfaction are social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. if their complaints are not well taken care of on other customer service channels.

So knowing that social media channels are the public environment, how you respond and handle customer complaints, hanging on it is your brand reputation and customer loyalty.

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Social media customer complaints


We understand how frustrating it can be for customers to raise their cry and anger on public platforms like that, but you should also know that they aren’t angry with you or your brand but at the situation and inconveniences, they are facing for patronizing you. And the decision you make at that very moment depends on how the whole worldwide web views your brand.

Every complainant is a potentially loyal customer, stepping it a bit higher, a brand advocate depending on how you deal with his/her issue.

How to respond to positive and  Negative Comment on social media channels

First, you need to know that timing is important in delivery satisfying customer service. The moment somebody posts a comment about your business, company, service or product on social media platforms, most importantly when it’s a negative comment, you need to respond or reply back in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

How to deal with Negative Social Media Customer Complaints

When you reply to a negative post, start by thanking the customer for letting you know and apologize for any inconvenience they might have experienced. Sometimes depending on the issue or the magnitude of the post, you might need to engage the person in a direct message or private chat in other to resolve the issue without creating unnecessary attention in the group.

If need be you can move the conversation to a different channel, a telephone might come in handy. But after the issue is resolved, go back online or in the public group or review page and thank the person openly with good remarks.

Apply the below techniques when dealing with negative Social media customer complaints;

  • Make it interactive to really understand what the problem is.
  • Personalize your response by addressing the customer by name.
  • Take responsibility for the inconvenience and apologize.
  • Make it plain to the customer how you can proffer solutions to his complaints or issue.
  • Commit yourself to solve the issue.
  • I appreciate your customer in letting you help.

How to deal with Postive Comment

Whenever a positive comment is made don’t ignore it, you also need to respond back.  If someone says something nice about your company, product or service reply back by saying “Thank you” When people roll out nice compliment their expectations are that you take recognition of it and appreciate them in return. That way you encourage other people to say more nice things.

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Pro Tips; it’s very important to keep track of comment or post each time new people comment about your brand or company. To do that you need tools like google alert and other social listening software such as Mention and Agora Pulse. Use these tools to track and get alert each moment people comment about your company online (social media platforms).


Positive customer care brings about customer satisfaction that in turn converts your loyal customers to brand advocates.

But you need to know this one thing, everyone will not be satisfied by your customer service, there are still few people in spite of your efforts to give them satisfactory service that will still downplay all of that, but so long as you are honest and transparent enough when dealing with negative comments and post even though they might not admit but they will surely know you value and care about their satisfaction.