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Selling on Facebook | How to Sell on Facebook

Turn your friends online to your market. You can combine social activity with business through selling on Facebook. Leverage on the global reach of Facebook to engage your friends online and even potential customers with your goods and services. Enjoy stress-free selling on Facebook with multiple selling platforms provided by Facebook. To learn how to sell on Facebook, follow the steps below;

Selling on Facebook

How to Sell on Facebook

  • Scroll to the Facebook buy and sell group, you wish to sell in.
  • Click on the “Sell Something” > What are you selling link
  • Key in the details describing what, you’re selling and thereafter, click on the “Post” link, to post what your selling.
  • Now you can start selling on Facebook, and top up your cash.

Facebook Selling Benefits

  • With its ever growing population, Facebook, makes it easier for marketers to display their wares to millions, of people all around the world, giving your business the coverage and attention needed to catapult it to the next level.
  • Facebook charges no fee, as you sell on its platform.
  • Selling on Facebook, hooks you up, with people who are nearby, and helps you sell directly to them.
  • selling on Facebook, is fast and simple. It offers ease to both the buyer and seller of the product, enabling the seller make immediate sales.

Tips to Selling on Facebook

  • Offer one-off web specials to your customers, to stir up a repeat purchase.
  • It is advised, that you post amusing and entertaining contents to your fans, to etch your presence on their minds
  • Increase your Facebook likes, and grow your fan base. This is to increase the likelihood of your special content appearing on your potential customers news feed once you post, and ultimately garner more likes.
  • Expand the coverage of your email subscriber database to drive more customers, to your Facebook store.
  • Use discounts and sales bait, to lure your exclusive Facebook fans to your store.
  • Use incentives, to attract and new get customers to like your page
  • Create a feedback channel, to know from your fans how to better grow your Facebook business, and serve them better
  • Make use of high quality, and iconic images and videos to promote your products, as this will be more captivating to your Facebook customers.

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